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Do we really need a nursery? Question for STM


Re: Do we really need a nursery? Question for STM

  • For us, I keep baby in our room until about 2-3 weeks before I return to work. I want baby to be comfortable and sleeping in their own room and bed before I have to start waking up with an alarm clock again. Also, I feel for a healthy marriage separation is good and reclaiming our room as ours. There is something freeing about baby in their own room. I can not get giggy with my hubby with baby in the room. So, that's another reason to move baby. :)
  • I decided I am going to do a are my TOP 6 ideas...but I can't decide what to do for our baby boy!! They are all cute! What do you think? What are your top 2 favorites? :)
    1. CARS
    2. TRAINS
    3. PIRATES
    4. JUNGLE
    5. SURFER
    6. NOAH
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  • My daughter was in her own room at 4 months and with video monitors these days you'll feel fine with the distance. But whatever works for you!!
  • at but evenutally..yes

    I'm not sure if you plan on cosleeping for a long time..that's the only instance where I can see you wouldn't need it.

    I'm a light sleeper and we put DD in her own room at 2.5 months. It was life changing for me. Every snort, sniffle, and move, I was up when she was in our room. Once she went into her own room I slept so much better and the room got a ton of use. While she was in our room, the nursery was basically a holding place for clothes and diapers

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