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New to DE! Smyrna area

So im fairly new to DE. Ive been here for a year, moved from NJ to DE to live with my fiance. I never had the opportunity to meet new people especially woman/other mothers. i would love to have some friends here since i have no other family besides my fiance and our two daughters. i work as a legal secretary for a law firm, and sell Arbonne products on the side (which i LOVE!) and my fiance is a correctional officer.


I thought maybe a nice way to meet new people in DE is to have my first launch party in DE at my home and i would love for some of you to come out meet you have a get together while checking out these amazing products while your here :)


Hope to be able to meet and hear from some of you ladies!! :)


Stephanie xoxo

Re: New to DE! Smyrna area

  • welcome :) I moved to Smyrna from PA a few years ago. I don't work in the area and I haven't had much success meeting moms either but I also have a daughter. This board is never that active but if you are looking for things to do with the kids and meet people, kent county offers tons of programs and so does the YMCA.
  • Hi there! I'm in Odessa and also work in a law firm. I have one little boy. This board is a little dead but come over the Delaware Nestie board. We're super active and would love to have you! Almost all of us either have kids or are pregnant.
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  • I'm also in Smyrna! I have a 2-year-old little man. Would love to arrange some park hang outs or something! I'm originally from Kansas so don't know a bunch of people here either.
  • Hey ktnt09 - I would love to meet up - have you checked out Big Oak park in Smyrna? We head over there some late afternoons or weekends. For some reason I don't always get notices from these boards, but you can send me a private message! My daughter is 18 months. 
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