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Sick baby

My son is 7 months old and had had a head cold all week. The last two days he hasn't been eating as while. He doesn't really want his bottle or baby food(fruit, vegetables or cereal). I am afraid he is going to get dehydrated. He diaper was dry from over night. He did pee as soon as I took the diaper off. His poop is black. His next diaper was also dry. Can I give him pedialyte or water to keep him hydrated? I did leave a message for his doctor, still waiting to hear back. TIA
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    Our Ped wants to see a minmum of 3 wet diapers a day and yes pedialyte is fine.  Poop will change colors frequently Ped told us unless its white not to be worried. 


    Oh and you probably get a lot more responses on the 6-9 month board.  This board is more for specific local issues, etc.  So you might not get too many responses here.

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