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2nd Trimester Headaches

Anybody else? Same thing happened to my SIL when she hit her 2nd trimester, nausea lessened but headaches attacked! Does it go away?! Not sure which is worse...

Re: 2nd Trimester Headaches

  • Mine started a little before 2nd tri, but yes, almost every day.  I actually woke up with a killer one this morning.  I had near migraine headaches almost daily with my last baby for 20 weeks straight.  It was a nightmare.

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  • Yes! I've had a headache since Sunday night!
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  • I had one yesterday and i have one today, i'm almost 2nd tri and really really hoping this doesn't turn into a trend. Tylenol helps a little to take the edge off, but what helps the most is sleep, which i can't really do at work. :(

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  • I've started getting them recently too.  It sucks.  I had one yesterday that never really went away and woke up all night with it and still had it this morning.  Hoping I can leave work early today and sleep. 

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  • I have had headaches off and one the entire time. I'm talking to my doc at my appointment Tuesday and hoping there is something I can take on days where I can't function. I'm allergic to acetamenophine (tylenol) and aspirin. My headaches became more frequent and worse the further along I got with DS, hoping they get better with this one.
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  • I had a rapid influx of them and they are an almost daily thing now. Eff these headaches.
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  • Mine have started. I'm trying to drink tons of water and watch the sugar/salt I intake but it's still hard when healthy foods are less than appealing.
  • I have had a headache every day of this pregnancy. Tylenol and caffeine do not help. I was hoping they would go away but they have not yet. I did not have this problem with DD.
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    I have MASSIVE headaches! I have migraines like nobodies business!!  Anyways they are getting worse :(

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  • I've always been a headachey person, so I'm not sure how much of this is pregnancy and how much is just me. (I had daily migraines for more than a year after a head injury in high school and have had trouble ever since). I cleared it with my ob to take magnesium (which I take on a normal basis, coupled with Advil and caffeine when not pregnant). She was fine with me continuing magnesium as needed, with a caffeine chaser. I add Tylenol if that doesn't fix it. Today, the Tylenol was added, plus eating lunch and I had a sudden surge of head pain relief. Best moment of my day!
  • I am just entering the 2nd trip and have had a headache or two... Peppermint and lavendar essential oil compress and sleep worked wonders. Also, I read that taking a Magnesium supplement helps  relieve headaches, so I started taking one at night. I think it has helped fend off additional headaches, but only time will tell!
  • I'm only 11w2d, but I've been getting headaches the past few days like clockwork. I'm planning to see my chiropractor again soon and I'm hoping that will help.
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  • I didnt feel any MS but the past few days lots of mild headaches... Glad i am not alone.
  • Glad to see I'm not alone have been getting headaches more often too going into 2nd tri ! Stinks!!!
  • Yep!! I'll be 14 weeks on Sunday and I started noticing an increase in headaches this week... Almost daily! That and I take dialy meds for heartburn now. Sleep helps me the most for the headaches!
  • My headache is hellacious. Its been going on for at least four days now. Tonight has been the worse.



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  • I'm glad everyone has them. I'm not 2nd tri yet but my symptoms have faded and I just have an awful headache now.

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  • I've been getting headaches too - it seems as soon as I entered the 2nd trimester. They're not terrible.. but I like the idea of lavender/peppermint compress and magnesium supplements. I'll try that next time. Glad to see this is a common thing. Any July moms in Oregon?
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