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Hello - Does anyone have a 504 for their child with severe allergies. my 7 year old has severe  allergies and I would like her to get a 504 in the purpose for a nurse or EPI pen trained person to  travel  with DD on class trips and also to ensure allergy free options for my daughter. I just threatened due process due to the fact my daughter over break told me that she eats alone in the nurses office. I do not want this to isolate her so my thought to have this in a legal medical document to have mapped out in writing what her needs are and what is expected. Does anyone have experience with this? I am a high school counselor so I am familiar with the process, I just want it on a parents side since I am usually on the school side. At this point I am ready to fight a war LOL 

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    What state are you in? As a special ed teacher in pa, I know you are fully within your rights to ask for an allergin free table (I see mostly peanut free) and an epi pen trained staff member to accompany on field trips.

    Is the school afraid your LO will be exposed to her allergin? Is she severely allergic to the point that being in the same area with her allergin would cause her to react? They may just be attempting to keep her safe, misguided as it may be.

    A 504 completed by the nurse is absolutely the way to go. All teachers who interact with her and adminstration should be at the meeting. Good luck. I sat in on a 504 recently for an insulin pump, so it is not uncommon.

    Eta: Just specify what you want. They should comply. Remember we are all professionals, so be nice and you will get a lot farther. :) With the insulin pump, the teachers were given a list of signs of low/high sugar levels and instructions on what to do.
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  • No experience as a parent yet. I definitely plan to go this route though. I am a middle school teacher and I can't believe that some teachers blatantly break the no food rule at our school and don't seem to care about food allergies AT ALL. My son is only 16 months, but his teachers will most definitely be aware and hopefully supportive!
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