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Sigh...small vent

I am pretty sure DD2 has an egg allergy :( I have given her a teeny tiny bit of egg on two different occasions and she has broken out in hives on her face. Not horrid, but definitely a reaction. So, here I thought we had enough specialists with DD1. Guess we will add a pediatric allergist to the mix. Fingers crossed that this is her only allergy and that she will be one of the lucky ones that outgrows it. The irony--when I developed GD late in my pregnancy with her, I ate eggs every.single.day.

Re: Sigh...small vent

  • Oh that sucks!  How old is she?  DD1 used to get a few hives on her face when she ate eggs (as a baby), but she outgrew the reaction.  And egg is one that's commonly outgrown.
  • My DS outgrew his egg allergy when he was 6.  For him he could have egg when cooked into baked products (cookies, cake etc).  But scrambled eggs, uncooked cookie dough (he snuck a bite when he was 4 and his throat started getting itchy and he was wheezing and panicking. Thankfully benadryl solved the problem.   So it wasn't actually too hard to avoid since he could still have baked goods etc.
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  • Thanks y'all.  I am REALLY hoping that she can do eggs in baked goods and that she will eventually outgrow it.  Just one more thing...
  • Sorry.  I don't exactly have an allergy as more of an egg protein intolerance.  Funnily enough my mom ate eggs ALL. THE. TIME. when she was pregnant with me but since childhood I wasn't able to eat eggs in any way shape or form, not even a tiny bit cooked into something.  I'd get the worst stomach ache and in the worst cases, I'd end up throwing up.  It was bad.  Since baby #2 I've been able to eat it if it's cooked into things (hello baked goods!) but not in their 'pure' form (scrambled, mayo, etc).

    Here's hoping your LO outgrows it.  
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