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Weight gain hit a brick wall

LO will be 9 months in 1 week.  I know that the height and weight charts start to level off a bit after 6 months but LO has me a bit concerned this month.  He has had zero growth for the past 3.5 weeks.  No weight or height gain in his 9th month.  His 8th month, he definitely slowed down and had a 2 week stretch of nothing but then had a spurt where he gained .4 lbs and half an inch in 10 days.  But since then, nada.  He is not eating any less, in fact, he is averaging about 1 more oz of formula this month and his two solids feedings have gone up from 2 oz each to 3-4 oz each.  He drinks about 23-24 oz of formula but he has always been on 27 calorie formula (feeding issues) so that is like 31-32 oz equivalent for regular formula.  He cannot handle finger foods at all yet, gag reflex is still too strong and he vomits every time we try (once per week).

Anyone else have any long stretches where LO plateaued like this??

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    Are you weighing LO daily? We don't have a scale at home, so I haven't kept tabs that closely. I can tell you that we have been to the pedi several times throughout her 9th month for recurrent ear infections, and each time DD weighed about the same.
  • I don't think you have a problem. I only get my DD weighed every three months at her well baby visits and the growth rate decrease was much more drastic than I thought it would but still completely normal. My DD was gaining nearly 1.25 pounds a month between 3 and 6 months then barely a pound total for all 3 months between 6 and 9 months. She's perfectly healthy and normal and her pediatrician says she wishes all the babies that came in were this healthy. Side benefit, she gets to wear the same size clothes longer!
  • Remember when kids move more, crawl, walk, etc, they don't gain as rapidly because they are burning it off. But the most important thing is that your child is healthy, let your doctor judge if your LO is or isn't gaining enough weight. 

    DS will be a year in a few days and he has been hoovering around the 23 pound mark for about three weeks now but he also just started walking too.

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  • DS plateaued around 6-7 months, which wasn't the greatest since he was only 1-2 percentile to begin with (he dropped off the charts briefly because of this). Dr was ok either this, just asked me to bring him in every 3 weeks to check to make sure not dropping. Then.... 9 months he put on 1.5lbs in a month and got him up to 5th percentile. It's completely normal for babies weight gain to slow. My sisters oldest was a chubby baby, and then from 1 year to 2 years didn't put on any weight, just thinned out.
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  • Yeah, I weigh every day.  I have "NICU Parents Syndrome", I am hard wired to track every ML drank and every ounce and inch gained :(  It is a habit I need to break.  I hadn't even thought about the increase in activity, around Thanksgiving he started to crawl and we have all remarked at how he has the energy to speed around the house the *entire day*.  Thanks for all of the input!

  • Definitely don't weight daily. I weigh my DD weekly but she is FTT. Props to you though for measuring her, mine wiggles so much I wouldn't be able to get an accurate number.
    My dd was 2% at 6 months (usually around 5% and then lost some weight at 7 months and was diagnosed FTT. Even weighing weekly she fluctuates.. It's more about the overall steady gaining
  • Sorry to hear that you are dealing with FTT, I pray for the best.  My LO had a feeding tube in the NICU for the first 34 days (meconium aspiration syndrome that progressed to PPHN) and the first 3 days home, and since has had some feeding issues to overcome.. still cannot start textured solids or finger foods, and gags through most bottles.  Physiologically fine, it is all mental and worse now that he is more active and aware.  Regardless, it has made me hyper sensitive to weight gain, to a fault.  He had a pretty good growth spurt last month. has always been 25-35th percentile weight anf 50-60th height, and is still in that range today, so I will try to curb my worrying!
  • My son is on a slow growth rate. He is in the 25% for his age height and like 40% for weight. He is developmentally on target or above so we are not too worried. I am on the smaller side for height so it may be that your LO is following either parent genetically for growth. I agree with others, do NOT weigh and measure daily, leave that to the well checks for your own peace of mind. As long as LO is developing adequately, there should be no worry. Hope this helped!
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