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Bottles, Solids, Snacks and feeling overwhelmed

Hello, I'm new to this group (or will be tomorrow) as my LO will be 9 months on Christmas day.  Yesterday at her well child check our pediatrician said that we can start to lower the formula a bit (to at least 16 ounces of formula per 24 hours) and increase her solids with more snacks, yogurt, etc.  She suggested switching some of her 6 oz. bottles to 4 ounces with some yogurt after.   She currently has 5 bottles of formula per day (three are 5 ounce and otwo are 7 ounce) plus three meals of solids per day (each about 3-4 ounces).  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this and am curious, what does your LO's feeding schedule like?  What do you do for "snacks"?  Puffs?  Yogurt?  Thanks!  and Merry Christmas!

Re: Bottles, Solids, Snacks and feeling overwhelmed

  • We are very laid back people. So my almost 1 year old gets 3 to 5 6 oz bottles still per day. Plus 3 meals and 2 snacks. I let them decide when to reduce and allow them to eat more. My son is a great eater. We don't do Yogurt much unless it's in something add we don't spoon feed. We do give him lots of fruits and vegetables though and God fats. Gl
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    DS still takes 4  7oz bottles a day (occasionally 3, but usually 4) Plus 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks. so our day looks something like this: bottle when he wakes up. Breakfast around 9...Bottle OR snack around 11...Lunch around 1230/1...snack around 3...bottle around 430...dinner around 6...bottle at bedtime around 730.

    Our snacks are small..usually blueberries or mum mums or puffs/yogurt bites. Occasionally will give him a cheese stick. Stuff like that. I would go by your baby's cues.

  • DD was 9mo on the 14.

    She is nursing on demand. If she nurses and sleeps more in a day she may only get one or two solids meals. On more active days she gets three meals plus a snack. I just follow her hungry cues and most often she eats when I eat.

    I like the idea of DD making her own schedule. But there are many right ways of doing things. I say just do what works for you. If giving her some snacks and less formula is something you've been itchin to do, your pedi just gave you the ok! If this seems like too much too soon, ease into it. Do what works for you.
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  • My DD will be 10 months on the first. She drinks 24oz a day but the last few weeks is drinking at least 30 (probably growth spurt?) She typically was doing 4oz bottle but now 6oz bottles.

    She has 8oz purée or 4oz purée plus muffin or eggs for breakfast.
    Lunch- 8oz baby food
    Dinner- 4 oz baby food or pancakes or something like that.
    She has puffs for snack at daycare in the afternoon.
    Whenever I feel like I give her puffs, Cheerios or crackers here for a snack. Sometimes she snacks all day
  • DS is 11months and currently takes about 24oz of formula plus 3 meals and two snacks. I'm trying to increase the amount eaten at breakfast and lunch - giving more table foods than purees - and increasing time between bottles during the morning and afternoon in order to reduce the formula in-take.  But it took us a while to get to a point where DS would eat chunkier foods so I didn't worry too much about it until that point.
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  • I'm actually surprised your doctor is switching your LO over so quickly at the 9 month mark. I was always told food before 1 is just for fun. DS always took the same amount of formula up until the 11 month mark when we started mixing his bottles with 2/3 formula and 1/3 whole milk. Now at a few days to one year old we are at 2/3 whole milk and 1/3 formula. Formula gives your LO all the nutrition they need until age 1.

    In regards to food, don't stress yourself out. Offer them food, if they just play with it, don't worry about it. They will eat what they want. The things my son loves is yogurt, whole pairs cut into manageable pieces, applesauce, toast bites, cooked coin carrots, cooked sweet potatoes. And for snacks DS loves the puffs, fruit of any sort, yogurt, bagel pieces, cheerios... Their nutrition comes from the formula. Which is why your LO should still get the same amount of formula.

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