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Clothing under sleepsack

If you use a sleepsack, what kind is it (cotton, fleece, etc), what temp is the room, and what does your baby wear under it?

Right now we have her in a microfleece one in a long sleeve onesie with a muslin blanket wrapped around her torso/ legs on the outside. I'm wondering if I should put her in a sleeper in it with no blanket, or if it would be too warm.



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Re: Clothing under sleepsack

  • My DD is a very warm sleeper. She still gets swaddled in a fleece swaddler with a short sleeve onsie. She sweats even in that :/ I figured out a way to pin her arms so she can't break out in the muslin blanket so she's in that tonight. We keep it between 68-70
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  • I have been dressing my DS in a Colton sleeper and then a cotton halo swaddle sleep sack. His room is usually 68-70, he sometimes seems warm, but not always.
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  • We use microfleece sleep sack and I dress himin microfleece or cotton sleep and plays. He tends to get cold at night despite keeping the room temp at 70-72, so this keeps him warm enough without sweating.
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  • We use a microfleece sleep sack with a cotton sleeper under it, but only when it's really cold. Right now since it's warner outside we are just using a cotton sleeper with a muslin blanket on top. LO hates being too hot so we tend to dress her on the lighter side. 
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  • We use a long sleeve cotton sleeper under the microfleece sleep sack. It's cold here but a fleece sleeper and fleece sleep sack made her too hot!

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  • Maybe I'll try the cotton sleeper tonight with no blanket. I just get so worried that she's going to overheat, but she kicks around so much that the muslin blanket around her legs/torso just ends up a mess.



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  • CDMay2006CDMay2006
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    Or house is around 65 overnight. He usually wear s one of the following combinations under his fleece swaddle sleep sack:
    ls onesie + pants
    ls onesie + cotton sleep gown
    ss onesie + light fleece sleeper
    footed cotton sleeper
    When it was super cold, we added a layer. I usually use the guide of adding a layer to what i am wearing/using overnight, considering the sleep sack to be a blanket.
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  • We use a fleece sleepsack with nothing underneath it and our house is around 67.  If it is going to be a hot night, i will put her in lightweight footed PJs.
  • We keep it around 70 in our house and she usually wears a short or long-sleeved onesie with either a fleece swaddler or a cotton swaddler with a blanket tucked around her legs and waist. 

  • DS sleeps in a long sleeve cotton gown and a fleece Halo sleepsack. Lately we've been keeping the thermostat at 70 degrees.

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  • Our house is about 71-72 degrees. We have our little one in a footed cotton sleeper (pajamas?), and a cotton sleeveless Halo sleepsack. Seems to keep her warm enough without overheating. 
  • We use a microfleece halo sleepsack.  We usually put her in a cotton sleeper as she sometimes wiggles her arms out of the swaddle and her arms would get cold.  Sometimes we just use a long sleeved onesie.  Just as long as her arms are covered with clothes, she's good.
  • His room is usually around 70 degrees, if we put a cotton sleeper on him, he wears a microfleece sleep sack, if we put a fleece sleeper on him, he wears a thin muslin or cotton sleep sack. He seems very content in that.
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  • Our thermostat is set at 73 and DD wears short sleeve onesie under a long sleeve micro fleece sleep sack. The last couple nights I've noticed her legs are just a little chilly when I change her in the motn, but everything else is nice and warm and she seems content.
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