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When do you consider your kid to be a walker? A few steps a few feet? DS is pretty much skipping crawling, has been cruising, and is only getting better and faster at it. He's taken a few independent steps before he falls. Now, he will willingly let go and just start walking. At times he makes it several feet before walking. Today, he actually made a couple scoots in crawling... After all this time on his feet. Lol.

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  • I guess that I would count walking officially at the first step. Unless the baby were to take a few steps and then not do so again for months.
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  • I don't know for sure but I would think taking steps unassisted = walking, especially doing it consistently. Yikes! I'm not ready to have a walker, still trying to get used to a crawler!
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  • Ok... He's definitely walking now. Can get from point a to b unassisted, can stop and stand a Bit, and he can turn. And today he even started crawling. But he cries the whines when he crawls. He only crawls to pull up on something so he can keep walking.
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