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I need a name for a young grandma!

My stepmom is only 36... gonna be 37 next week. She thinks she's too young to be called grandma, so we gotta find a grandma alternative for the young ladies! HELP!

Re: I need a name for a young grandma!

  • My friends kids call their grandmother "gaga" ... my cousins used to call my grandmother "bamma" or "jamma" ... and my own mother is being called "baa."
  • My mom wants to be called Nani (na-ah-nee) and my friend's kids call her mother Nona (noh-nah) for that very reason, lol.  They think those names are less aging.
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  • Well, my mil is Greek and she'll be called Yia Yia which means grandma.  You can use that Stick out tongue
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  • we are polish and my mom is gonna be bacci (sp?) bah-chee
  • Abizzzle- it's spelled babcia. My DH's mom is babcia. I just became Ciocia Ashley. (pronounced ch-uh-chee. It means Aunt :) I just looked it up. Polish spelling is odd.
  • haha thanks! I only completely butchered the word..lolGeeked
  • My grandma was 35 when she became a grandma and wanted to be called Aunt, but my mom taught us to call her grandma anyway because she thought it was silly.  She doesn't mind anymore. :)
  • we're calling my mom mia - she's 47 and doesn't want to be called "grandma"
  • My mom is grammy and I always liked mom mom.  Once the baby is around, she probably won't mind what she is called.

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  • My grandma became a grandma in her 30's and all the grandkids call her mom.  I guess we just picked it up from our parents calling her mom.
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  • My mom is leaning towards wanting to be called Gigi, she also considered MiMi and Nona.
  • My mom wanted a unique "grandma" name, so she decided on Nana (pronounced nah-nuh) since her name is Nancy.
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  • Lol. I have been hearing about this since we announced our pregnancy. My mom will be 38, until about two months after the baby. She loves the fact that she is going to be a grandma, but hates the idea of being called grandma. As of right now she wants to be called 'grace'. LOL. She says it starts with a 'g' and that she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. So we shall see. Good luck!
  • OMG I'm pretty much the same age as these grandmothers in their 30s and this is my first baby.  Yikes!
  • When the babies start talking, they will call them whatever they want.  My  two ss call the same person different things.  The older calls her grandma and the younger calls So it gets a little confusing.

    My MIL became a grandma at a young age and was perfectly happy being called grandma.


  • My mom is going by Gigi.
  • Holy crap. Some of your moms are younger than my sister.. I could be your aunt. I feel old!
  • My step mom went with "Mimi"

    (Although for some reason she spells it "Meme" wth?)

  • My daughter calls my mom "Nana"

  • Mee-mee for my mom, and Avo (vaaa-VOE) for DH's mom.  Portuguese for grandmother I guess. 

    I didn't think DD would catch on to all the different names so quickly but they do..so be prepared and start calling them by their chosen grandparent names early on!!

  • My mom is gonna be called GiGi, she is 52 and thinks she is to young to be called gradma, i dont blame her.. of course my dad being and old school Italian wants to be called Nono... so we have new and old.
  • MIL is being granny purely for the fact that she's in her 40s!
  • My mom has choosen to be called Mimma. (ME-Mah). I called my grandma Nama for the first 16yrs or so.
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  • My mom goes by MG ( prononced EmGee) the MG stands for My Grandma.
  • Ive always liked Mimi.  I knew someone that had a Mimi and Poppi and always wanted to be a Mimi some day. 
  • imageMrs.Boeck:
    My stepmom is only 36... gonna be 37 next week. She thinks she's too young to be called grandma, so we gotta find a grandma alternative for the young ladies! HELP!


    My mom goes by GiGi ... her name is Angela "Angie" but she didn't want to be called Granny ... which worked out b/c DD calls my grandmother Granny - like we all do .. so it isn't confusing & works out :)

  • EEEEE GADS! I am older than some of the grandmas listed. My kids named my dad PomPom for som reason. It stuck until they were about 4.

    From the posts above I liked GiGi and I bet MiMi would be good too. I didn't see MiMi but I just scanned them - so maybe I missed it - probablydueto the shock of being so relatively old .

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