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What is your word for 2009?

I saw this on a blog.  Pick one word that is going to define 2009 for you. 

I think my word is going to be embrace.  I need to really embrace these moments with my kids...cheesy as it is, they are passing way to fast.


Re: What is your word for 2009?

  • Purchase

    haha we need to purchase a new car and a house!

    But in reality probably smile.

    Everyone should smile a little more

  • Xanex


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  • Ooohh, I like this!  I think mine will be Now.

    I have a what if/as soon as/when we problem and I need to start accepting things as they are now.

  • imagePurrrfect433:



    That's so much better than mine! Can I change it!?

  • I like yours, lulu. I think mine will be appreciate. I want to appreciate what's happening in my life despite how stressful it all might seem. We're in for another year of big changes and I just need to go with them and look on the bright side of it all.
    Alex (11/14/06) and Nate (5/25/10)
    "Want what you have, do what you can, be who you are." - Rev. Forrest Church
  • Calm. 

     i plan on being extremely sleep deprived with a new baby and would like to be able to remain calm even when i'm exhausted and cranky for the sake of my toddler, my marriage, and baby to be.

  • I think mine will be .... patience.

    Patience with everything:  my children, the rest of my family, my situation(s).... in the end of it all, things will be just fine and I just need to be patient through it all.

  • Content with what we have and our complete little family :)
  • Act

    I want to stop talking about what I want and want to do and make things happen.


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