B-Mom and Christmas

We have had a really great relationship with DD's B-Mom since we first met her. She usually reaches out about twice a month or more just to check in and I send her pictures and updates regularly. We planned on getting together before Christmas but, she seems to have just disappeared. I've sent her some messages and haven't gottem any response and we are two weeks away from Christmas and I haven't heard anything from her.

I definitely don't want to push. It is completely in her hands how she wants to handle a relationship with us and DD. It just makes me a little sad to see her pulling away. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: B-Mom and Christmas

  • I think it's pretty normal, especially with the holidays approaching. The hardest part is not knowing why. We didn't hear a peep from DD's birthmom right around DD's birthday last year. I was sad at the time, and worried, and wondering what was up. Turns out she was just super swamped at work and her gift for DD was back-ordered. It seems every time she goes quiet and I start to worry, she reaches out and I worried for nothing. Hugs, I hope you hear from her soon.
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