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Since I'm considered high-risk should I ask the OB before I book a prenatal massage?  I would think they would okay it knowing that my cervix is measuring well and the baby is looking great, but should I check to be sure? 

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  • I would definitely check with them before it. ?I can't remember all of the conditions, but there are a number that contraindicate massage in pregnancy.


  • I would check because even at the day spa I get my pedicures at, they made me sign a form about being pregnant (there are labor triggers all over the body). I am planning to go there for a pre-natal massage too. I am waiting until the end of my pregnancy though.



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  • I would also be careful of what massage therapist you see. Don't go to just one of those day spas. Get a real full-fledged therapist who understands the trigger points for pregnancy.

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  • All massage therapists are licensed to practice in NC, but not all are licensed in prenatal massage.  Check with your OB first for the medical perspective, and look for a therapist who is licensed in prenatal and let her or him know what your OB has said.  ENJOY!!! Big Smile
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