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Boy shower theme!

Anyone have any cute boy shower themes or ideas?(not mustaches or little men) I'm planning one for my cousin and all the cute ideas I'm finding are for girls!

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  • My mom just got an invitation to one that is nautical - little sailboats and stuff, it was pretty cute.
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  • We usually choose a theme that is the same as the nursery.
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    MomIn2013 said:

    My mom just got an invitation to one that is nautical - little sailboats and stuff, it was pretty cute.

    This is is what I did (well, my BF did for me, but I confess it was my idea). Turned out super cute.


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  • I had a train theme.  These were the centerpieces.  At the end, they were disassembled into favors which were post it notes.

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  • Check out hostess with the mostess...she has tons of themes. I was given a shower that was just theme. It was perfect. The invites were navy and green.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
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  • No theme here, just a yellow and navy color scheme that matched the nursery.

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  • My little guys had an airplane theme. It was easy to find stuff the hostesses said.
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  • Airplanes or sailboats would be cute.
  • My baby boy shower was cars (not disney Cars). My hostess bought signs from Hobby Lobby that look like they would belong in a garage. She bought hot wheels and scale models of exotic cars. All the signs are now hanging in LO room and he has tons of cars to look forward to playing with. Needless to say my hostess did a great job.

    To make sense of this theme: My DH is a HUGE exotic car lover. LO middle name is Bentley after the car. 
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