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Happy Thanksgiving, Dudes

Yay for the Lions pounding the Pack! Eat all the food, drink all the booze!
-My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving, Dudes

  • Boo, even though Green Bay deserved the beating.  Then the Steelers got beat by the Clowns I.  Had half of my fantasy team play and only scored 33 points I am not sure if I will pull off a win this week.
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  • I sat there and watched every second of that embarassing beatdown to the Lions.  And then I got drunk and imagined a world where Dom Capers was not the Defensive Coordinator of the Green Bay Packers, and my day got better.

    Of course, with Aaron in the game, Detroits 4 turnovers would have sealed ten straight Turkey Day losses, and the Packers would most likely be a couple games ahead in the division.  It is what it is.  The minute Aaron went down, the Packer season went down with it.  This was a 5-2 team when Aaron got hurt, and they have not won a game since.

    Proves even more so now that #12 may be the MVP of this league by default.


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