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My LO is 2w, 1 day old, and I also have a rambuncious 4.5yo boy who is not going to school today - its a day off.

Its a rainy day today, and I was thinking about bringing them (with help) to a movie...just something to do. DS (4.5yo) bounces off walls by 3:30p if there is nothing to do...and DD (2w, 1d) doesn't have her shots yet.

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Re: question for STMs+

  • If you have help and don't mind wasting the money if you have to bail, go for it.  I would guess it's a pretty quiet movie day since people are either traveling, cooking or working :)
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  • I wouldn't.  Because it's raining and that Frozen movie comes out today, the theater will probably be packed and full of germs.  And- not gonna lie- I hate when I see an infant carrier coming into a movie theater, even if it's a kids movie.  All I can think is, "They'd better haul that baby out of here if it starts crying" and "You're putting that kid down on a theater floor?  Eww."

    If you have someone offering to help at the theater, could that person instead take your son to the theater while you stay home with the baby?
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  • Just go! Wear the baby and have fun. My youngest DD went to a movie every month since she was 2w old. She was great and either slept or nursed. Save the ticket stubs and out them in the baby book.

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  • I forgot - wearing DD will be so much easier!!

    We ended up not going to the theatre, weather got too rough.

    I do want to take DS to see "Free Bird" & "Frozen" but maybe to the first showing in the middle of the week when everyone is at school & work so the theatre is less packed.

    I would go with someone else though JIC I need to leave to change DD's diaper.
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