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My back!

Hello all! I am so frustrated :( I wake up all night sleeping on my back, and I have never been a back sleeper! I sleep on my right side and stomach usually. But I keep reading that we are supposed to stay off our back starting 2nd trimester...but its nearly impossible for me to fall asleep any other way :( I try to get on my left or right side but then my back starts hurting :(   I know we get the best circulation on the left side. Is something really bad gonna happen? Even if I force myself to sleep on my side, I always wake up on my back =\  advice?! 


Re: My back!

  • No advice here! My husnand wakes me up almost nighty when he notices I'm on my back. I snore only when I'm pregnant an end up on my back. I'm a stomach sleeper but when pregnant you can't do it past a certain point. I start off sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs but it happens. Baby is fine just roll back over when you notice. That's all ya can do!!

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  • Honestly, I think it is fine. Yes, they say you should sleep on your side, left preferably, but if you wake up on your back it is no big deal. As long as you aren't feeling short of breath or dizzy, you and baby should be fine. If you are really worried, as always, talk to your doctor at your next visit.
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  • Okay good! I'm a newb at this so everything worries me! Thank you guys I'm glad I'm not alone! 
  • Do you have a big body pillow that you're using now?  I find that the big pillow helps not just my hip pain but to stay on my side.

    Honestly, I think if you are sleeping peacefully, then you're fine. It's very important for you to be getting the rest you need and not stressing unnecessarily. Later, when you're much bigger, you'll notice that your body will tell you that back rest is not comfortable - you feel almost out of breath when you lay that way.
  • I'm 15w and my doctor told me I had a few more weeks until I can't sleep on my back. Sleeping on my sides hurts my hips, even w a body pillow. I've always been a stomach sleeper so I'm never comfortable anymore!
  • I'm 15w and my doctor told me I had a few more weeks until I can't sleep on my back. Sleeping on my sides hurts my hips, even w a body pillow. I've always been a stomach sleeper so I'm never comfortable anymore!
    I'm having the same issues. It doesn't matter how I sleep, I'm going to wake up in pain. :(  I started using a heating pad before I go to bed, and as soon as I wake up.. and occasionally throughout the day if I can too. It's delightful fun.

  • I tend to fall asleep on my back, but I turn a lot while I sleep and often wake up to find myself on my side. Sometimes I wake up because my arm has fallen asleep from laying on it when I'm on my side. I'm not uncomfortable on my back, I'm assuming my body would tell me when it's no longer happy being on my back? I rarely sleep on my stomach because that is uncomfortable for me, always has been.

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  • Same thing here. I sleep on my sides and I keep waking up in the night on my back (I've never been a back sleeper; side or stomach only). It is annoying, but I wake up (at some point, I have no idea how long I've been like that) and just roll to my side. I never had this with my first that I can remember.

  • I sometimes wake up with pain in my sides too... I wonder if thats the round ligament pain? My stomach is poking and my boobs are huge so when I'm on my side everything is pulling and hanging...so itd make sense the bands holding my uterus are stretching....? 
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