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Just General Freaking Out

My c-section is scheduled for one week from today and I have just been a huge ball of anxiety lately.  

Has anyone else ever gotten real crazy towards the end?  For some reason over the last two days I have been petrified and worrying about things like whether or not he'll be healthy and "normal."  I feel like I spend my nights on the internet reading articles about anything and everything that could go wrong and it is just miserable!  

I think it's stemming from being nervous about having the c-section.  I came across an article saying c-sections were linked to higher autism rates (then of course read another article saying pitocin induced labors can lead to higher autism rates, and went on to read about how basically everything you do can lead to higher autism rates) and I just feel so overwhelmed.  

Then I keep thinking, do I really need a c-section?  Is this baby really going to be *that* much bigger than my others?  

Uh.  He just needs to be here you guys.  I don't know how much more of this I can take!     


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Re: Just General Freaking Out

  • I can totally relate. I did the same thing. Although, in retrospect, I think it was my body going into labor. I FREAKED at the OB just hours before my water broke. I'd never been emotional at my appointments, but started sobbing that something was going to happen to them between the appointment and my scheduled c/s the next week. It was so bad, she even offered to call my MFM to move up the delivery due to the boys' IUGR. I have no idea how long I was actually in labor since I had been having regular contractions for 5 weeks without any dilation, but I really think I knew it was time and that's why I started freaking. And, I also had last minute c/s anxiety. I had been preparing for months, but got so nervous at the very end.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this stress, but it's SO close to being over!!
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  • Can I ask why you scheduled a c/s? Does your OB automatically do RCS? If you have any doubts about the necessity of surgery would you ask for a trial of labor? Is it the c/s that is making you anxious or the idea of having 3 children to care for?
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    Not sure where to go from here.


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  • @MoFree they scheduled a c-section for me this time around because of my two previous horrid vaginal deliveries and the fact that this baby has been measuring 3 weeks ahead at all of my growth scans.  My doc is afraid he is going to be too big for me to deliver vaginally given my previous experiences with babies that were not big at all.  

    I asked about trying an induction that morning instead at my last appointment and my doctor was all iffy about it.  I see her on Friday so I'm going to ask again.  

    It is definitely the c-section that is making me nervous, not the three kids thing.  I think I am also panicking because I have two healthy kids and I'm worried, hoping our last will be just as healthy.  

    I'm just really anxious right now!  About everythinggggggg!    
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  • Ruthie04Ruthie04
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    I don't know if this helps, but my c/s was NO stress. I just hung out in triage until it was time. Then, they took DH to the changing room while they did my spinal block (no big deal at all!). He came back in, we heard two babies cry, he went to the PACU with them, and I joined them after I was all stitches up. So easy. The only issue I had was some mild dizziness that they said was from blood pressure drops. I just told them I started seeing stars and they have me some meds. Also, be prepared for nausea and ask for meds if that becomes an issue.

    Honestly, the actual surgery was NBD. It was recovery that was rough. But, I was coming off a hard pregnancy which included a no workout/ no lifting policy and bedrest and I was not in great shape. I asked for an abdominal binder in the hospital, which helped with that the pain from standing (it's the extra skin on your belly and the incision can be a little brutal). Get up and walk as much as you can and stay on top of your pain meds. Also, bring some of those little makeup remover wipes because it'll take awhile before they'll let you shower.

    The whole idea of being cut open while awake is pretty terrifying, but it is so routine and can be a great experience for many. HTH!
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  • I have no advice, but sending lots of hugs and T&P your way. The end of pregnancy is a pretty anxious time. I think you need to talk to your OB Friday about your fears and see what she says. If she has any other suggestions or options.
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  • @Ruthie that's good to know and that did help, thanks.  Most people I've talked to said their scheduled sections were a breeze - the ones that were rough were the ones where people labored beforehand.  Thankfully I have been very active this pregnancy so I'm hoping my recovery won't be too bad.  

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  • I think you hit the nail on the head when you said your fears are coming from the c section. You have had reservations about it from the beginning so of course you are going to freak out. Prayers sent your way that baby will be born healthy and small enough to be delivered vaginal safely. Hugs mama. And holy cow that you will be meeting baby soon.
  • Totally normal to be nervous! But there is no link k autism to do csection. I had one and honestly there is nothing to be afraid of. I had an emergency csection and I felt nothing not even with the spinal tap. Now if someone asked me I I would want a vaginal birth I would say helllll no! That not sounds scary when that's ill I wanted before. Hang in there your baby will be perfect!

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  • I think it is completely normal to have anxiety towards the end. I had that too. I was AMA so I was scheduled for induction at 41w. M never descended and my cervix never opened, despite being induced. IN fact, I failed my first induction, went home for 1.5 days, then back to the hospital for a second induction. That didn't work either, but M's heartbeat was decel so I ended up with a c-section. 

    Must say that the surgery went well (albeit a very surreal experience), even though I was scared. You'll be fine one way or the other!

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  • I was so anxious at the end too. I think it is very normal. Even my DH was totally anxious and he never gets like that. Try to figure out some fun things to do to take your mind off it. I did a lot of shopping. :)
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  • I think it is normal. I had a lot of anxiety about the C-section.  Hugs, Mama!
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  • Hugs momma! Any surgery is scary, one involving you and your baby is sure to bring some anxiety! If I have something that I'm worried about, I try to remind myself not worry until I actually have something to worry about. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't ;)

    Good luck!
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  • I was completely freaking out before my scheduled c section with K&A. Like you, I was also very scared of the c section. First, step away from Dr. Google. He will not tell you about all of the millions of happy, healthy babies who are born by c section. He just wants you to know about the ones who have issues. You will do great, hon!
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  • First, step away from Dr. Google. He will not tell you about all of the millions of happy, healthy babies who are born by c section. He just wants you to know about the ones who have issues. You will do great, hon!
    I think I love you.  ;)  
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  • Getting close to the end makes me as nervous as the beginning.  I'm just a big ball of worry.  Of course, for me it's all about will I make it to the hospital but I would be scared of a c-section as well.  When I know my thoughts are spiraling I try and pull them back in and remind myself that things will work out, even if I'm not quite sure how at the moment.

    Try and stay calm, you're almost to the finish line.

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  • Oh yes, a year ago I was right where you are!  I was terrified - 2 healthy kids, will I be so lucky again?  Things went fine, and #3 is so far perfect :)  You will do great!  Good luck!
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