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Play space in a small condo?

Hello - my DD is almost 8 months and just about crawling.  Even just rolling, she really can get around.  We live in a smallish condo and need to figure out how to contain her when DH or I cannot give her 100% of our attention.  We have a pack n' play but clearly this isn't big enough.  We are thinking about getting something like this:
(we would be using it against a wall so the space would be bigger than having it enclosed.)
Anyone have any alternatives?  Trying to do our due diligence!

Re: Play space in a small condo?

  • I would try to baby proof the space and block off the dangerous areas, rather than blocking off a play area. We enclosed our computer desk and Christmas tree, put locks on tv console and moved everything up and out of reach.
  • we have done similar to @orangecurls. Is working so far.Two rooms are pretty much child friendly, and are so far able to close doors to keep LO out of areas in which she doesn't belong.
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  • When DS started crawling, I thought about getting the playyard similar to what you've posted. But other moms told me that their babies really hate being confined in such a small space, as they really want to be able to explore.  In the end, we just babyproof our living room (gate off stairs and kitchen area), so he can roam freely. It was the best decision 
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    We live in a 700sqft condo. We baby proofed the crap out of the open concept living room/dining room/entry/hallway and just let DD roam free. We removed the coffee table, took out shelves, took out the TV and cable box (moved it to the bedroom), got a shoe cabinet and put outlet covers everywhere. We also got a nice plush wool rug for her to play and some poufs to use as ottomans. She is now starting to get into the kitchen cabinets so we're gonna get a gate to block off the kitchen rather than locking all the drawers and cabinets.
    My friends who have twins used a similar play yard to block off their desk and electronics. So the adults are in the playyard and the kids are free.
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