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Prenatal Yoga in Suffolk County?

Does anyone know of a place that actually offers prenatal yoga in suffolk county? I have called tons of places and although they advertise that they offer prenatal yoga classes, they don't actually have them because they don't have enough people to make a class. I have been wanting to start for so long, just can't find a place.
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Re: Prenatal Yoga in Suffolk County?

  • Give Satya Yoga in Mount Sinai a call.  They are taking information now to start up a new class :-)
  • There's a yoga studio in Massapequa (I know it's Nassau county) called om Tara yoga studio and they do prenatal yoga Saturday mornings at 830. The first class is free then it's $15 a class. Cheaper if you buy them beforehand
  • If your near roosevelt field you can try destination maternity...i know suffolk but maybe worth the drive if not too far.. I know they have classes. There is also one by walt whitman i dont know if they have classes also but maybe call and see:)
  • Bear foot yoga in Bayshore on Main Street has one sat am and tues pm there website is very informative
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