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NBR: Thanksgiving Foods

Just for fun...what foods do you look forward to having on Thanksgiving the most? 
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Re: NBR: Thanksgiving Foods

  • To answer my own question, my favorite Thanksgiving item is Broccoli Cheese Casserole!  YUM!  For a number of reasons, our family isn't having a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year.  Instead, we're going to a hotel buffet.  DH and I are so disappointed that we won't be having our favorite Thanksgiving foods so we have decided to have our own mini-Thanksgiving meal on Friday!  :o)  
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  • Cranberry Salad! My mom makes it with fresh cranberries and orange zest. It is sour and tangy and delish!
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  • The turkey dinner is always good, but what I'm looking forward to are all the appetizers. We're going to go see family for Thanksgiving, where we put appetizers out around 11, "dinner" around 3-4 and then dessert later.

    But for appetizers we're having a cheeseball, veggies and dip, and spinach dip. Plus chex mix for the kids. ;-)

    Mmm, I cannot wait. Ever since moving away from family and not having the big family dinner, I've missed the appetizers (can't really rationalize it when the only people who really eat are me and my husband).
    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • EVERYTHING.  Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite, I love it all...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole....yum.  We get two meals, one with each side of the family, which I am not complaining about at all :)  I'm excited to let DD try all of the yummy foods too.  Last year was probably the best, being pregnant and getting to stuff myself without anyone judging me. haha
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