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Reaction after passing baked egg challenge

Maybe someone knows what is going on with this becasue I am just at a loss:

DD had her baked egg challenge on Wednesday.  She is 29 months old.  After the first bite or two she started grabbing her tounge, telling me she had bug bites and that it was spicy.  I immediately ran out to get the nurse, we could see nothing going on anywhere.  She kept asking for more and they told me if she really was having a bad reaction that bothered her she would not want more.  A little bit later she was talking, a bit of drool rolled down her chin.  One, I mean one, hive popped up where the drool hit.  It was gone within 30 minutes.  We kept going and she was fine.  They said she was clear for baked goods.

Thursday morning she asked for one of the muffins for breakfast.  Within the first two bites she was grabbing her tounge and telling me it was spicy.  My husband tasted a muffin and asked if it had nutmeg or something in it because it did have a weird taste.  Okay, I thought, maybe it's just the muffin taste.  I brought her home a regular chocolate chip cookie from a bakery that afternoon.  Two bites, then holding her tounge and saying it's spicy.  I took it away and then there was a small meltdown becasuse she wanted more.

What the heck is going on?  Her reaction when she was first diagnosed at 9 months was hives on her face, back and chest.  Now, nothing but her shoving her hand in her mouth.  I am waiting on a call back from the allergist office, but in the meantime was wondering if this has happened to anyone else?  Is her body just not used to the egg?  Do we keep trying small amounts to keep building her tolerance?  I mean she was 100% okay after the challenge.  No gastro issues, nothing.  I am so confused...

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Re: Reaction after passing baked egg challenge

  • I am questioning them clearing her for baked egg. My daughter had her food challenge at 3 (they wanted to wait until then to make sure she could communicate well) and had no reaction. None. I am clearly not a professional but it sure sounds like in the initial challenge she was having a tingling Tongue and a skin reaction. Why would they clear her?

    In the initial test was she just given scrambled eggs? Could she be allergic to something else that was in the muffin and cookie instead? Again, I am no expert but I don't think they suggest you build up tolerance. I remember reading something that said the more you eat something your allergic to the reaction keeps getting worse and worse each time you eat it.

    Our allergist, who I just saw this week, talked about food therapy (eating little amounts) and said it was still in the research phase and it would be years and years before it would be a cleared method. 
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  • We haven't done any oral challenges yet, so I don't have experience there. But I don't see how they considered that a successful challenge, especially with the hive she got! That's a clear allergic reaction. I'm curious what they said when they called back.
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  • My daughter has egg allergy as well and passed the baked egg challenge a couple of years ago after avoiding for over 2 years. Obviously each child differs, but If I were you, I would stop giving her the food with baked in egg, especially anything bought at a bakery. Does she have other known allergies? In the long run, avoiding another year and trying again when she is older may be your best option for now.
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