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Any thoughts on health insurance for a newborn baby. I have my own health insurance and would like my child to always have health insurance too. Any suggestions or experience you have had with getting a newborn insurance? Is the process similar to an adult? THX! :)

Re: Insurance?

  • You should be able to add your LO to your insurance policy effective the day he/she is born.  You can also change your coverage at that point as it's a qualifying event.  You would normally have 30 days from the date of birth to make this change to your policy.
  • or, if you can't afford the increase in cost, check out, health insurance for ALL KIDS. I applied and am waiting to see what happens next...
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  • Also, depending on your income, you can apply for Medicaid for LO.  I applied for DD before she was born and, for some reason, they put me on it too even though I already have insurance through work.  Medicaid is secondary but they picked up pretty much all of the extra birth expenses that my health insurance didn't cover. 
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