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Has anyone done Insanity?

I'm looking to try and wondering if anyone has done it and what you thought of it? Thanks!

Re: Has anyone done Insanity?

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    I use it occasionally as part of my exercise but have not done the 60 day challenge. My husband uses it a lot more frequently but hasn't done the challenge either. We both really like it and you definitely get out what you put into it. However, part of the reason that I had to cut back on using it was because my knees started having issues after each workout (my right knee started giving out as I would walk afterwards) most likely because I was so overweight (100lbs over) when I started it that they weren't able to handle the daily jumping etc. After losing about 25 lbs, I tried again and had no issues with my knees. My husband was in good (not great) shape from the military before starting it and hasn't had any issues.

    We've both had significant improvments between our original fit tests and what we can do now.
  • I love Insanity. My husband and I did the 60 day challenge before our wedding, and I will still occasionally do the workouts. It's nice to have it on hand at home when you don't want to go to the gym. I would also recommend doing their diet if you are trying to lose weight. It is really intense though, so you would probably be really sore the first week or so, and if you're pregnant I don't think it would be the best thing to pick up. 
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  • Prior to getting pregnant I did the program for a year and a half straight.  I absolutely love it and cannot wait to start up again when I am cleared for core work in a few weeks.

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