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milk storage bags

Hi Ladies,

I have been cycling through some old freezer milk the past few days, and been disappointed to discover upon defrosting -- holes in the front of 2 bags! My precious pumped milk leaking out of the bags!

Anyone know why this might have happened? I definitely want to avoid it in the future!




Re: milk storage bags

  • I"ve heard it happens if you over fill the bags.  Anything near the bags in freezer that could poke holes?
  • I had this happen with a couple of the lansinoh bags, but most of them were fine.  I have no idea why it happens!  Maybe something in the freezer pokes them?  I started putting them in a large coffee cup in the fridge to defrost so that if they leak, it goes into the cup. 
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  • Hmmm ... a great mystery! I have them sorted by date in plastic grocery bags in the freezer, and then when it's getting closer to their time, I move them into a milk organizer thing. Are the other bags poking enough to cause holes?

     I only fill bags to 4 oz. Surely that is low enough?

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