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What to do with baby's hair

My baby girl is about 3.5 months old and was born with a full head of hair that just keeps growing.  I haven't used any clips or headbands on her yet, but now her hair is growing in front of her eyes.  I don't want to cut it yet (heard it's bad luck and grows back funny and difficult to work with).  I have a few clips that are metal and ribbon, but I don't like using them often.  I am not a fan of headbands and was curious if anyone knew of any good clips for curious baby girls that  always have their hands in their hair.  I heard Velcro clips exist, but are they worth it?  I'm so nervous of her pulling them out and putting them in her mouth.


Thank you for your help:-)  

Re: What to do with baby's hair

  • I have the same problem!  Everyone comments on my LO's hair, but it is such a challenge for me.  On top of being long, it's now starting to curl.  She has perpetual bed head!  Of course, I still thing she's adorable.

    Anyway, I've found it helps if I comb it back/to the side when it's wet (to "train" it to go in the right direction).  I still find myself brushing it out of her eyes, but that's what worked for us so far.

    Good luck!
  • Could you pull it up in a little band on top of her head.
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  • No offense, but who cares if you like headbands? Isn't the point to keep hair out of LO's face? What other options do you think there might be? Slick it back with cocunut oil? Sorry, that was snarky. Idk, hon. All I can come up with is headband or cut it.
  • My DS is going to be 5 months next week. We cut his hair a few days ago. It was past his ears, in his eyes, and curly. I don't know what I would do if he was a girl though. Hmmm....

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    Wide band headbands are the best. I've never had luck with Velcro hair clips, they just slide out. We found those little "ouchless" plastic bands for kids work well since they don't slip out and DD still uses them at 2 years old. You can get a couple hundred in multiple colors at Walmart for $2.50 in the kids clothing section.
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  • We use ponytail holders (not rubber bands).
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