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Post Ultrasound Photos Here!


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  • @mainemomma8316 Well, twins run on my dad's side. And I just had this gut feeling. I even told the US tech when she started acting like she was done to check a specific place, and lo and behold there another one was. 
  • 9w1d here for my third pregnancy!! It’s pretty amazing that even though this is my third go round I still get teary seeing that little heart beat on the screen! ❤️

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  • This was a few days ago
  • @blitzybee That's just the cutest 💗
    BFP #1: 3/2012; EDD 11/2012; MMC and D&C 5/2012
    BFP #2: 10/2012; EDD 7/2013; DS born 6/2013 @ 37 weeks due to IUGR
    BFP #3: 10/2012; EDD 6/2015; DD born 6/2015
    BFP #4: 1/2019; EDD 9/14/2019

  • blitzybee said:
    The Midwife said the baby went to the fair and got a balloon! 🎈 8wks, 3days 168 HR
    Haha that is too cute! 

  • Mommy and daddys crumbsnatcher I love watching you grow I'm so glad I found out about you Jan 6 and I cant wait to meet you Sep 14.  Hubs is team girl I'm team boy and I get the blood gender test done next week.
  • @justhereforthemusic what a cute little baby shark! :)
  • @g8rmama_16 awww 🥰 due date twins 
  • This was our first US about two weeks ago, when we were 9 weeks in. EDD is Sept 2 2019! Saw their heart flutter 💕 went back yesterday and saw our little sweetpea’s eyes and lengthy body, HB was great as well ❣️
  • Had my first U/S on Thursday. It was so crazy seeing my little bean and seeing it's heartbeat. The doctor said the heartbeat is 163 and I'm measuring 8w1d which is right on track. Can't wait to see my bean again next month!! 
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