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  • @mainemomma8316 Well, twins run on my dad's side. And I just had this gut feeling. I even told the US tech when she started acting like she was done to check a specific place, and lo and behold there another one was. 
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  • 9w1d here for my third pregnancy!! It’s pretty amazing that even though this is my third go round I still get teary seeing that little heart beat on the screen! ❤️

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  • This was a few days ago
  • @blitzybee That's just the cutest 💗
  • blitzybee said:
    The Midwife said the baby went to the fair and got a balloon! 🎈 8wks, 3days 168 HR
    Haha that is too cute! 

  • Mommy and daddys crumbsnatcher I love watching you grow I'm so glad I found out about you Jan 6 and I cant wait to meet you Sep 14.  Hubs is team girl I'm team boy and I get the blood gender test done next week.
  • @justhereforthemusic what a cute little baby shark! :)
  • @g8rmama_16 awww 🥰 due date twins 
  • This was our first US about two weeks ago, when we were 9 weeks in. EDD is Sept 2 2019! Saw their heart flutter 💕 went back yesterday and saw our little sweetpea’s eyes and lengthy body, HB was great as well ❣️
  • thanks for posting, I am 11 weeks today but I don't get my second ultrasound until 14 weeks, so this is exciting to see :)
  • @mainemomma8316 love seeing how developed your lo is at 11w! Such a sweet US!
    @cheshyre319 so far you’re the only one with twins in our group, right? How exciting & I can’t believe the tech wasn’t going to look for the other one without your prompting...what a surprise that would have been down the road!
  • @mainemomma8316 omg! How amazing! My first us measured me at 7 wks, I'm coming up on 9 wks (monday) and my next us is 3/8 so I'll be almost 11 wks. My us measured my little one at only 0.5 cm so it's crazy to think he or she may be growing so much in only 3 or 4 wks and actually look like a tiny baby! Congrats!
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