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Mucus in poop and screaming

I EBF and my 2 month old has mucus in his poop and screams only when farting. The doctor thought the screaming was due to an immature digestive system and a nurse thought he had a virus which was causing the mucus but now I'm thinking he might have allergies.  His poop looks normal except for the mucus (orange, mustard seed appearance, no blood)  Has anyone else had their baby go through this and it turned out to be allergies to something in particular?  We have a doctors appointment coming up in a few days and I plan on questioning him further.  I hate seeing him in pain.

Re: Mucus in poop and screaming

  • My son's poop was like that, and he screamed with gas. I am not sure if those alone signal allergies or not. My son also had horrible eczema and constant vomiting. He has a milk allergy.
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  • My DS had really mucousy poop and I never saw any blood. He would have awful gas and poop and scream with almost every feeding. He was pooping so often as a newborn that he gave himself a serious diaper rash/bleeding bottom. Ditto the eczema and almost immediate rash around his mouth after BFing. Both of my FA kids also sneezed a lot and had serious reflux.
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  • LO would be playing and suddenly pull her knees to her belly and scream, passing gas and pooping and more screaming. Diaper was the same and we didn't see blood. No Excema. Turns out she has a dairy allergy.
  • I had these symptoms as an adult (minus the screaming). I have severe Celiac Disease, the doctors tests say that I am NOT Celiac but once I completely removed Gluten from my diet it's gone away.  I can also tell if I've eaten Gluten on accident now by my upset stomach and mucus pooh.  My doctor also believed I was bulimic since I'd throw up all the time but I haven't thrown up since changing diet.

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