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When did your morning sickness start?

Hello all

I’m 7 weeks today. Grateful to report no morning sickness as of yet. When did yours begin? I know everyone is different ! 

Re: When did your morning sickness start?

  • I get nauseated at night and am totally fine in the morning, but that all usually starts around week 6 or so for me. 
  • With my first pregnancy,  somewhere around 8 weeks I got some nausea.   About a week later, I started getting sick, and it lasted my entire pregnancy.   My pregnancy with my first son, I was nauseated as soon as I knew.  The other pregnancies varied, but all where around 6-7 weeks.
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  • I never had nausea with my son. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It varies. 
  • Hello all

    I’m 7 weeks today. Grateful to report no morning sickness as of yet. When did yours begin? I know everyone is different ! 
    6ish weeks until 12ish I think. Never vomited though, just bad nausea especially if I went too long in between eating. 
  • With my 1st, it started at 9w and left around 21w. I only actually threw up once a week but spent mornings gagging and whatnot.
    This pregnancy, I was nauseated but never threw up or really even gagged much. It started around 7w this time but was gone by 14w or so. 
  • Never did!
  • With my first - showed up week 7, gone by week 12. With my second - started at 5ish weeks and still isn’t totally gone at week 12, although the worst seems to be over.
  • I’m only 5 weeks and a few days and I’ve been feeling the morning sickness for almost a week. That was one of my “I must be pregnant” hints. Today it has been bad off and on…all day…. And right now while typing this….booooo
  • Try Preggi Pops! They helped my nausea a lot.
  • I started feeling ill around week 5 and it lasted until week 10 for me. 
  • Having it at nearly 5 wks but it’s mild right now. Much earlier start than my first.
  • mines started at 7 weekz and its an all day thing😔
  • I've been feeling it for about a week almost and I'm 5 weeks (estimated) currently. Seems to be an on and off all day thing so far. 
  • started literally at 6 weeks and I feel nauseous most of the day on and off.
    feels like the vomit is just ready to come
    out… like It’s just sitting in my throat waiting for a perfect time to come out. Ahh
  • I’m 5 weeks, 5 days and I’ve felt a little queasy for the past few days, today I had a really rough time taking my vitamins. I think I’ll be switching to gummies tomorrow!
  • At six weeks. Nauseous all day, can barely eat anything. Tired like I got hit by a bus 🚎 
  • 7 weeks today and no nausea so far
  • Starting in my 4th week, I've been getting a mild wave of nausea around mid-day/lunch time. I've put a small mint plant on my desk since mint is supposed to help. Doesn't last super long right now, gone within an hour.
  • 4 weeks with me! I have morning sickness so bad 
  • I want to say about 7 weeks and lasted all pregnancy. Morning day and night lol
  • 4 weeks every time  :'(
  • 10 weeks - so far hardly none! 
  • I have been feeling symptoms since 4weeks +2days
  • I started feeling nauseous around week 5 and still going into my 8th week. Nausea all day and night, some vomiting. Praying it doesn't last all pregnancy!
  • My food aversions started at about 5.5 weeks and nausea was shortly before 6. 
  • TODAY. I'm 6 weeks and bam...here's the nausea. Hurray. It's not too bad, I could eat at least. With my last pregnancy, the food aversions were intense. Of course, that could be coming down the line but right now I can at least get down some breakfast.
  • Probably around week 5. No throwing up, but the nausea was constant. My doc prescribed b6 and unisom, and it has really helped. The food aversions are still intense, and the nausea comes on if I don't eat every 2 hrs, but it is much less miserable now.
  • Today. 6 weeks 4 days. Oof.
  • When I was pregnant with my daughter I had very little nausea, only when I was hungry. But when I had my miscarriage in 2019, I was super nauseas all the time from like 6-8 weeks until I lost it around 9 weeks. But that one felt off from the very beginning. Listen to your body.
  • I'm 7 weeks now but it started probably about when I was 4 weeks right before I took an at home pregnancy test. Was really bad, but now it's just off and on in waves.
  • Just started my 7th week yesterday and with it the nausea. It’s my second day starting the day throwing up. I’ve been waking up in the morning super hungry too
  • With both my pregnancies, I started feeling waves of nausea/dizziness by the time I missed my period. With my first, the nausea peaked around 10/11 weeks and then started easing up. Fingers crossed this time around isnt as bad!
  • Morning sickness was my signal to test. I almost lost my hot chocolate on Christmas Eve and was nauseated most of Christmas day. Since then, it's been on and off and fairly mild, but still there. I'm only 4 weeks and 6 days so my body must be pretty sensitive to all the hormones.
  • My nausea started right around 6 weeks, I’ll be 8 weeks on Sunday. 

    It’s more of an all day feeling, I used to be able to manage with snacks throughout the day but that’s no longer working. Thankfully, no vomiting just feel really icky. I got the relief band yesterday and going that can provide some relief :) 
  • Nausea weeks 6-8 then got better. No vomiting thank goodness. Sweetarts and mints helped me through, as well as motion sickness bands. 
  • I'm 11w1d and still waiting for any morning sickness to pop up. I've had a few times of slight nausea but thats been it. Not sure if its because I drink just over a gallon of water a day or because I try to eat snacks here and there because I'm not super hungry but know I need to eat. As a 5x loss Mom it freaks me out that I haven't had any and I'm constantly told to enjoy it.
  • 8 weeks and 2 days today, no nausea at all yet. I had a miscarriage this summer and I have been in fertility treatments for the last 3 years, so I kind of stress about not having nausea either. Looking forward to my ultrasound in 4 weeks!
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    Hot and heavy at 4.5 weeks, while my BFP was still quite faint. Relentless nausea and guaranteed puking every morning for a month, and then always during/after showers. 
    Lost 10lbs before they put me on the Unisom & B6 regime. Now I only get nauseous if I haven’t eaten enough, or if I push too hard on my afternoon walk. 
  • I’m 6W3D and I have fatigue and headaches.  Slight nausea here and there.  Hoping it doesn’t turn into full blown morning sickness!
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