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School screwed up IEP requirements

I'm a little more than annoyed.  This was the same school that wrote the IEP last year and knew that my DS is supposed to be pulled out for testing to a silent area with no distractions and can have up to an extra class period to finish any assessment including but not limited to tests and quizzes.  Because the line was broken up on 2 pages, they "misinterpreted" it this year even though I have been calling and emailing all the teachers about his IEP and thought my DS, with self advocacy issues and a specific goal that has not been reached in 2 years around self advocacy, had to request it for each test or quiz.

I have been emailing and calling the teachers, guidence and IEP coodinator since the 2nd week of school with little to no response.  FINALLY, yesterday (you know one week before the end of the the 1st qtr and my DS's grades are all over the board and he's failing the two subjects he normally excels in) the IEP coordinator calls me and tells me of the "misinterpretation" and that she would like to rewrite it so there is no room for interpretation.   It was already clear the real problem as I see it is no one turned the page and read the full support.  Also I had one teacher refusing homework turned in by email (also a support in his IEP) and when I asked if he was familar with DS's IEP he stopped responding to me and only including me on the class newsletter emails.

I am so frustrated.  DS is in 8th grade and we will be having 2 IEP meetings in two weeks to update his current IEP and the second in the spring to transition to the HS.

Would it be worth it to point out that they have been out of complience with the IEP for a full quarter, I know it-they know it.  They are scrambling now to get my DS reassessed on all the poorly scored tests/quizzes and accepting all his emailed homework that he recieved zeros, but I really feel like this is also unfair b/c my DS is having to retake a quarter's worth of tests and quizzes for most of his classes in a couple days to beat the end of the quarter.

I guess this is mostly a vent but really since I have the review coming up in a couple weeks anything I should be looking to clarify, add or any advice at all.



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Re: School screwed up IEP requirements

  • I'm a big believer in escalating things pretty quickly when I don't get a satisfactory response. Teachers don't respond to my calls and e-mails, I contact the case manager. Case manager doesn't make satisfactory changes to comply with the IEP, it's time to call in the supervisor. Supervisor still isn't addressing the problem, let's have a team meeting to discuss the implementation of the current IEP, with all parties, including my advocate or lawyer. Of course, I'm currently preparing for an administrative hearing against the school board, so you may want to take what I say with a grain of salt, but I would not have been okay with teachers ignoring the accommodations specifically provided-for in the IEP and ignoring my attempts to discuss it.
  • I would write a letter documenting what has been going on and bypass the case manager going directly to the Director.  This is an IEP implementation issue if the teacher refuses to carry out the IEP that is a legally binding document.
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