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Mommas with Acid Reflux babies...

My BG has been on Zantac for about 2.5 months and seemed to be doing great. The pedi said when she was first diagnosed that it was a short term problem and by 4 months she would probably no long need the medicine. Well were about a week and a half away from that appointment. I have been very good at giving her the medicine and not missing a dose up until this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday night I forgot to give it to her and she slept terrible (which was one of our first indications there was a problem when initally diagnosed). So now I'm wondering if its because I forgot her medicine or if its more of the 4 month sleep regresssion everyone talks about. So I guess my actual question is; If your baby was diagnosed with acid reflux and thriving were you able to stop the medicine around 4 months or did you have to continue?

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  • My baby is only 3.5 months, but I don't for see being able to stop the meds anytime soon. He's thriving and gaining well, but still spits up and vomits. We are actually moving to Prevacid to see if that helps.
  • My baby was diagnosed with acid reflux a few weeks before she turned 4 months. She is now 4.5 months old and we are continuing her on the zantac. We also do a combo Similac spit up with neosure (she was born premature) formula. Because the combination seems to be working so well, my pedi said that we could continue on it and in fact she adjusted the dosage at her 4 month check up for her weight.
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  • Both my kids have had reflux. My oldest who is now 4 was able to go off reflux meds right at 6 months. My youngest is only 3.5 months and I am considering weaning him slowly from Prevacid at 4 months to see how he does. Mostly I want to do this becuz the Prevacid is causing him to lose his appetite. I'm worried he's not eating enough. :(
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  • Theo only got diagnosed when he was about 3.5 months old, my ped said we would try a trial at 6 months to see if it is still needed. He is on Prevacid.
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  • PS by trial I meant we would stop giving it to him and see if he still had symptoms.
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  • We were also told that she maybe able to come off zantac at 6 months since that's typically when babies "outgrow" it.
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  • My twin girls are still receiving there acid reflux medications and the doctor is giving them until they turn a year old since they were preemies. They are 5months now so we have a ways to go. When I miss a dose I do notice they spit and throw up a 'll the milk from nose and mouth.
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