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S/O: Christmas

I know this has been discussed but I can't find the thread. What are you getting your LOs for Christmas? Are you going all out or just doing a little since birthdays aren't too far from then?

Re: S/O: Christmas

  • We're still choosing between a train table or a play kitchen for christmas. My plan was to get her a dollhouse for her birthday, but I'm not sure if she'll really appreciate it at this age, so we might save it for her 3rd and get her a baby doll & accessories this year. 
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  • For Christmas we are getting her a play kitchen and food, some new books, and probably some little toys. My parents are getting her a table and chair set. Not sure what MIL is getting her, probably just give me $$ for her again.

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  • Already purchased and done...a Hug Me Elmo, a Thomas The Train hooded snuggly blanket, jammies, a Thomas The Train that lights up and makes noise.  He will get some stocking stuffers...bubbles for the bath, fizzy tablets that turn the bath water colors, probably a book, some new socks, and probably some snacks.

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  • For Christmas, L is getting a train table that I found online used and I am sprucing it up. I also picked up some fake food for his kitchen and an easel from Ikea.
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