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The snip

Has anyone's DH/SO had a vasectomy? I'm thinking about having DH get one since it will be a few years since I can get my hysterectomy. I'm just wondering how bad it really was and if it was worth it.

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  • My cousin had it done and he was fine in a few days.  It's definitely a personal choice. You dont' have to get a hysterectomy- they can tie your tubes. Since I had a c section with my first birth, I probably will with m y future births, and my plan is to tie my tubes with our last child. However, I have heard that getting your tubes tied is a more difficult process than getting snipped. 
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  • I would get my tubes tied but due to medical reasons I will have to get a hysterectomy so we figured I would be the one to take permanent measures as far as birth control goes but due to finances right now it will be two or three years before we would be able to afford the surgery for me. If I would have known we were going to be two and done I would have had them do the hysterectomy when Daisy was born.
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  • We're talking about it and DH is on board.  From what I understand it's no big deal.  I think it's more of a mental thing for the guys.
  • My husband refuses.  He said he wants to know he can father children when he's 80..  :rolleyes
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  • DH will do this after #2 is born.  He volunteered so I didn't even have to ask him about it.  His best friend had one and was fine the next day...best decision he made!
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    I have asked DH to do it, but he's "scared" because he doesn't like pain.  I really wish one of his friends would do it, so he would see it wasn't a big deal.  We are SOOOOOO done with kids, and I'm constantly paranoid I will somehow get pregnant, even though I'm on BC and I have fertility problems (PCOS)!!  DH getting snipped would just be that extra comfort! 
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  • I think DH will have it done also, I don't want to have to take birth control for the rest of my life. I think in the long run it will be easier and less expensive and time-consuming. We don't have an exact plan yet but I don't want to have another procedure to get my tubes-tied.

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  • Last time we talked, DH was fine with getting snipped. We still want another so that is a few years away. We'll see what happens when the time comes.

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  • I'll get an IUD until I can convince H to get snipped. There are risks to everything but from what I understand, vasectomies are low risk and fast recoveries.
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  • We are 98% sure we are two and done! I plan to get the paraguard IUD after #2 decides to make her appearance, then after a couple years DH will get the snip. He agreed to it since BC has been 100% on me up until now and I cannot take any hormonal BC so my options are limited.

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