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egg salad

can you eat egg salad while pregnant???
totally kidding!!! I do however feel like I need an egg salad sandwich immediatley(which im not even a huge fan of) but im wondering how im going to get passed the smell to actually eat the sandwich.

Re: egg salad

  • Now I totally want an egg salad sandwich too!
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  • I got a big if preboiled at Costco and have been eating the whites 6 at a time! The dog loves me right now - she gets the yolks.

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  • On had one the other day'
  • Man I love me some egg salad, on toast!  OMG.  Amazingness.


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  • I made an egg salad sandwich for "dessert" the other night....normal. haha

  • Weeks 4 and 5 I loved those!
  • Do not trust those innocent looking eggs... they are evil! 

    (please note I am just referencing that they are apparently my first aversion. Eggs go in.. then pretty quickly back out again)

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    That was the one thing I craved with DD!
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  • I had one yesterday for lunch, it was awesome!
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  • I made myself egg salad on toast a couple weeks ago. It was freaking amazing.

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  • A few weeks ago when I found out the next day at work was an egg salad sandwich. I totally got it. Ever since it sounds pretty damn good, including now!
  • So yummy! Ive been having egg sandwiches every weekend the last month!
  • When I was newly pregnant with DD (and didn't know yet) I had terrible MS for about a week. When I went to get groceries all I could think about eating was egg salad sandwiches. I bought the ingredients and then went to the pharmacy section to pick up a pregnancy test..
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  • Anybody have a great egg salad recipe? I make mine the "traditional" way with mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. I'd love to hear other recipes!
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  • Mine is just the traditional way like yours, but a roommate in college added pickle juice to hers and now I do too.  
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  • Yuck! Lol. I'm so picky so I don't like this not pregnant! Wish I did so I had more than a few things that I liked :)

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