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Recommendations for prenatal yoga classes in Coral Springs?

I am going to prenatal classes in Boca occasionally, but would like to find a closer class in Coral Springs to go on weeknights after work. Any suggestions?TIA :)
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Re: Recommendations for prenatal yoga classes in Coral Springs?

  • Hi there are prenatal yoga classes offered at coral springs medical center. It's $10 a class or you can purchase a yoga card for $75 for 10 classes. The classes are tues and thurs at 6:45pm. hope that helps.
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    Hi! Have you checked Yoga Source in Wiles Road? They also have prenatal yoga sessions which is not very expensive. Try contacting them at (954) 340-0099 and inquire. 

    I'm a yoga and health instructor in downtown Chicago for 10 years now and I can say that prenatal yoga is very helpful not only to keep your health in check and your body fit but also to help develop your body's flexibility and balance which you will need for the big day.We have a lot of pregnant yoga practitioners who actually tried live yoga life online and they said it actually helped in preparing them physically and emotionally in giving birth and they also managed to keep their bodies in amazing shape in a short period of time, so I can say it also worked well for them.

    Sandy Sherwood

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  • Thank you both for the recommendations. I will definitely check these out. :)
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