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My memory sucks

Well, not so much my memory but my ability to recall words.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I don't remember it with my first but a friend swears it happened after she had her baby.  DH is always side eyeing me.  This morning I said "OMG there's such a huge cobweb on that bush that I thought you had already started putting out Christmas decorations!"  CHRISTMAS?  Try Halloween, dumbass.
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Re: My memory sucks

  • HAHA yes!! I will be in a meeting or talking to a coworker and sound like a toddler...I'm glad I communicate mostly through e-mail so I can type and then check it and then re-check it. I'm glad we don't have to take the SATs as adults because I have completely lost my vocabulary...
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  • Me too! It's like I know how I want to describe something, but I can't think of the words to use. So frustrating. And weird.


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  • Yup- this is happening to me too.  And when I am typing, I find myself typing the wrong homophone- like two instead of to.  Or sometimes the wrong word all together and then they are too wrong for spell check to even know what I am talking about.  
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  • It sucks!! I went on an interview a month ago and I obviously didn't get it because I was so lost with my words. Haha Glad I didn't get it because I like this job I have now.
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