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Belly in the way

33 weeks pregnant and you'd think I'd be used to my protruding belly by now.. Misjudged my spacial clearance today and hit my belly on my husband pretty hard.. I was trying to get by him and he stepped the same way, so my belly knocked into him.. It hurt! And of course it has me freaked out. Is it totally ludicrous to think I could have hurt LO? Has anyone ever bumped their belly on something hard enough for it to be really uncomfortable? I have felt LO move a little since then.

Thanks for any shared experiences to help calm this Mama's nerves!!

Re: Belly in the way

  • Your baby is fine. There is no way that that impact was hard enough to actually hurt you, let alone your baby who is floating in their protective sac of amniotic fluid. It was designed specifically for that purpose. So no need to worry. :) I have totally misjudged my growing girth too. I used to be able to squeeze between chairs or people or other relatively tight spaces...and it's pretty funny now when I misjudge me being able to fit and then proceed to bounce off of something or, more often then not, get stuck and need help getting out. :D
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  • I often try and squeeze past DH in the kitchen like I used to. I always end up bumping into him. I don't feel like I've bumped into anything so hard that would hurt LO, but it has been uncomfortable for me. My baby does feel like he's just under the surface of my skin and stretched muscle a lot of times, so I can understand your concern!

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  • Shoot, I BURNED my belly today. A bump is nothing. LO is fine.
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  • I think you're absolutely fine. Of course is something is still feeling off check it out. But I've jut my belly a few times too and LO was okay and protected in there!
  • Thanks everyone. I hit him from the side, so it tweaked my belly and hurt pretty bad.. But I'm sure it hurt my muscles more than it affected the baby. LO was dancing around quite a bit trough the night and this morning, so I'll take that as an "I'm fine, Mom!" :)
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