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anyone busted out the maternity pants yet?

i'm 9wks and have had to bust out the maternity jeans today. my regular jeans just weren't cutting it anymore and i'm sick of using an elastic band. i know its just bloat at this stage, but i just think comfort is more important than waiting for a particular week. how long was it before you started with maternity wear? i'm gonna order some more pants tonight, but i'll leave tops until much later. i mostly wear loose fitting tops anyway (i have giant boobs and a small waist), so i don't think i'll need them for a while. 



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Re: anyone busted out the maternity pants yet?

  • Yep! I had been wearing maternity leggings and my end of the summer dresses to get through the last few weeks of bloat. I picked up maternity jeans and two work pants and I am loving the jeans.

  • Sweats for now because I'm superstitious and am afraid as soon as I put on anything maternity something will go wrong.

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  • I know what you mean about being sick of the elastic band! I was sick of that 2 days after I started wearing it.. They are really uncomfortable. I had to start wearing it at about 9 or 10 weeks because of the bloating, it was awful. I just started wearing yoga pants after that! I'm actually starting to need maternity pants now and I'm still not crazy about them! Wear what makes you comfortable, regardless of whether its baby or bloat!
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  • I wore a pair of maternity jeans the other day, even though my jeans still fit, but they are a little too tight for my comfort level.  IMO they don't look too tight, but I was having an especially uncomfortable day and just wanted to be comfortable.  I am still in my work uniform, but I have a feeling the change is coming within the next couple of weeks.

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  • I busted mine out around 7 weeks. Not so much because my pants don't fit, but because they were rubbing on my c/s incision, and I couldn't stand it anymore.
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  • I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow with twins, and I had to start wearing maternity pants earlier this week. My jeans would still zip/button, but getting quite uncomfortable. I feel so big in the middle, and I've actually LOST 4 lbs from pregnancy sickness.
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  • I had to get a Bella Band a week and a half ago (I'm a little over 9 weeks now).  Even though I've lost weight, I have gained 3 inches in my lower belly.  The Bella Band over my jeans when we were out this weekend was almost comical.  It is barely hanging on!!  I can zip the pants, but it is so uncomfortable--way worse than if it was fat!  My maternity pants are in the mail!  Destination Maternity has a buy 3 get one free sale, BTW.   
  • I am almost there, still using the belly band.  Probably by next week I will have my matermity work pants out.
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