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STMs: How did delivery date compare second time?

I know it every pregnancy and delivery are different but I'm getting really impatient waiting for LO #2 to arrive.  DS arrived 4 days past my EDD and so far, this LO will be at least a week late (I'm 7 days past EDD tomorrow).  Ugh.  
Just curious about others' experiences... even though I know that will have absolutely no impact on when my LO decides to make his/her appearance.
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Re: STMs: How did delivery date compare second time?

  • DD was born on her own at 39 weeks and one day. Four hours from water breaking to delivery. Med free. 

    DS came on his own after a membrane sweep at 41weeks 2 days. 12 hour labor. I got the epidural at 9cm. 

    So my two experiences were very very different. I sympathize with going over due, but it could happen at any time for you. Good luck. Wishing you a safe, happy delivery. 

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  • DS was 41 weeks 1 day. DD was 41 weeks. Both times my water broke as the first sign of labor beginning.
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  • No advice, but from someone who was a week overdue I can relate and I hope your LO comes soon!
    Married DH <3 : 7/7/12; 3 fur babies (2 dogs and 1 cat)
    DS born 9/3/13; DD born 7/22/15; LO due 5/28/18
    FS (age 5) and FD (age 2) to become AS/AD very soon!

  • My water broke with DD early in the morning at 39w3d (had her that night), and had DS at exactly 38w (required RCS, and started going into labor then--3cm dilated and fully effaced), so early and earlier for me!
    10/10: Married; 5/11: Dx: Blocked Fallopian Tube; 7/11: D&C/Hysteroscopy to remove polyp
    IVF #1: 9/11: ER: 12R, 11M, 10F, No Frosties; 5dt: 2 blasts, 1 morula; DD born 6/3/12
    IVF #2: 11/12-12/12: ER: 20R, 20M, 16F, 4 Frosties; 5dt: 3 blasts, DS born 8/9/13
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  • DS#1 was born at 38w 2 days and DS#2 was born at 37w 5 days. Both of my deliveries were fast- but my second was way faster!
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  • My first baby came at 34 weeks 1 day. That labor was LONG.

    Second arrived at 39 weeks and 1 day. That labor was quick! I was surprised I even went that long because he was measuring 2 weeks ahead. Big baby boy...
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  • Late and induced with both of mine
  • First baby born one day after EDD. Second baby born one day before EDD. So a little earlier but not much!
    DS: 2/17/11          DD: 9/4/13
  • My oldest came at 42 weeks 1 day on her own . Med free water birth after 10 1/2 hours of labor.
    My second came at 41 weeks 3 days on her own . Med free water birth after 4 hours of labor .
    My third came on his own at 36 weeks 5 days . Agian med free water birth after 29 hours of labor.
    My fourth came at 40 weeks 3 days . Med free land birth after 4 1/2 hours of labor . Didn't make it to the tub this time .
  • 39w6d DD1, 39w4d DD2
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  • DS was 35w2d.
    DD was 37w3d.
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  • All three were early, but not that early.
    DD1 I went into labor at 39 weeks and three days.  I labored for two days before she was delivered with forceps.  She was born at 39 week and five days.  She was 6 pounds 11 ounces
    DD2 was the exact same, but she turned into an emergency c-section at 39 weeks and five days.  She was 7 pounds 2 ounces.
    DD3 was a scheduled repeat c-section.  I didn't make it.  She was born at 37 weeks, three hours after my water broke, completely naturally.  My doctor got there and I was 10.  He gave me the option of a v-bac.  She was six pounds 3 ounces.
  • DD1 was 38w5d, DD2 was 39w6d.
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    BFP#2 6/21/12, M/C at 5w2d | BFP#3 11/27/12, M/C at 6w6d
  • DS was 40w1d
    DD1 was 40w4d
    DD2 was 41w0d

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  • Two weeks later than DD1. (DD1 came at 39 weeks, DD2 at 41)
    DD1 4.14.10
    DD2 8.22.13
    MMC 1.4.17 at 16w
    Expecting #3, EDD 1.29.18

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  • My first was induced at 40 weeks 2 days.

    My second was a C-section at 39 weeks 3 day due to low fluid.

    Sorry, I'm no help.



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  • DD1 came two weeks early and was in labor (counting from when I got to the hospital) for 8 hours. DD2 came four days early and labor was 5.5 hours.
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