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Intro and Question about previous transverse baby leading to c-section

hi! up until last night I was under the impression that I would not be able to have a VBAC with my second pregnancy because of the law in our state and the malpractice insurance at the hospital I work at (I'm a postpartum nurse and my insurance doesnt allow me to deliver in a different hospital) anyway.....Last night I finally talked to the Doctor that I want to use as my OBGYN and he said that since we now have an in house OBGYN that its not problem to do a VBAC!! OMG I am so happy! I've been planning and have already accepted the fact that I would have to have another CS so this is just great news! My DS is 18 months and we are currently TTC #2. Now for my question....With DS he was breech almost the entire pregnancy and in the last month turned transverse. I still went into labor on my own at 38.2 weeks and dialated to a 7 before i made it to the hospital. They attempted two versions with no success so I ended up with a section. The doctor I talked to said that sometimes a baby is transverse because of the shape of the uterus/fibroids etc...and that an U/S before we get pregnant would help determine if there is an actual problem with my uterus that is preventing head down has anyone here had a successful VBAC after a transverse baby? THanks and sorry this is long! 
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Re: Intro and Question about previous transverse baby leading to c-section

  • Not transverse, but my DD1 was breech from 30 weeks on and never flipped, scheduled c-section at 38w6d.

    DD2 was transverse at 28w, flipped head down at 30w and stayed head down until a successful VBAC delivery at 38w5d.  Water broke on its own and I progressed quickly without any help.  My VBAC dr said that they should have swept my uterus during the c-section and if there was a shape issue with the uterus they would have it in the operative report.

  • My first was breech as well (footling) and I had a successful vbac with ds2 who turned out to be occipital posterior, or sunny side up. The labor took over 24 hrs but since he looked good in the strip the whole time I didn't need a csection.
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