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Spotting 10 DPO

I have question for in of you pros out there. Is spotting 10 dpo ovulation normal for implantation bleeding? I do not want to pee on a stick yet because I want it to be super accurate. I'm just wondering timing wise if that would be right?
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Re: Spotting 10 DPO

  • any of* not in of.
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    The only way to know if it is implantation spotting is a positive pregnancy test.

    So right now it is just spotting.


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  • NOOOOOOO!!!!! I was afraid of that. Oh well.
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    Spotting is usually just spotting, actual implantation bleeding is rare. Many many women spot before their periods arrive, myself being one of them. Try not to read into everything as a possible indicator of pregnancy, it will only drive you crazy. The only 'symptom' that's reliable is a positive test.

    ETA make sure to read the newbie bog, there's tons of info in there about TTC, spotting, implantation bleeding, and even a handy chart that tells what the odds are of a reliable test result at different DPO.



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  • I am not a pro, but just wanted to give you another side.  I spotted 9 DPO and 10 DPO, thought I was out, and then it stopped on 11 DPO.  So I tested the next day and got my BFP.  It could be AF, but you never know until she comes!  GL!

    Side note, my daughter's name is Anna, middle name Leigh :)

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  • I don't want to get your hopes us, this doesn't necessarily mean anything for you, but I spotted at 10DPO with my 2nd son.  I assumed it was AF, but 2 days later nothing, so took a HPT, positive.

    The spotting was extremely minimal though.  One wipe of brownish, that's it. 

    I'd just assume AF was coming if I were you. 


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  • You might be pregnant, you might not be. Other women having spotting and ending up with a BFP means jack shit to you cause there's just as many, if not more, women who had spotting that ended in AF. 
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  • Sounds life AF may be coming.  

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  • Still no AF and only had the one instance of spotting. Testing today. Crossing my fingers but, not getting my hopes up to much. @dkbop1818 Anna leigh is a great name if I do say so myself
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