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@Wulfgar how old is your car, what kind is it?

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  • My car is a 2010 Kia Soul base model but I live on a dead end street with State route 8 as my front yard and my gas fill is on the Route 8 side.  With my last car I had some idiots who decided to rip the gas flap totally off for some reason.  I am thinking that the inner flap that the gas nozzle hits might be down my fill gas fill pipe because people might be trying to steal gas.
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  • Gas pipe, or charcoal canister. Believe it or not.
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  • It could be the charcoal canister, I have found out that you don't want to refill your gas tank when it is low with a gas can, my check engine light has been on almost ever since.
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  • Have you gotten the MIL scanned to see what it is?
  • Last time I did that and they reset it, the code was for the gas fill line so they just reset it to see if it would correct the problem.
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