Weekly Poll :)

1)  What did you learn in your homeschool this week?
2)  What was your biggest challenge this week?
3)  What was your biggest success this week?
4)  Tell us a little about your daily schedule.
5)  Do you have any big plans for October?

Re: Weekly Poll :)

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    1)  Our unit study right now is about water.  This week we covered solid vs. liquid vs. gas and the water cycle.  In math, DS1 is working on more complicated subtraction problems.  We're also learning to tell time.  In phonics, DS1 is working on contractions and the "aw" sounds.  DS2 is working on the letter W and perfecting writing his name. 

    2)  Teaching DS1 how to tell time is challenging.  He just isn't getting it.  I printed off these clock helpers and taped them to the clock in the kitchen, so I'm just asking him to tell me what time it is randomly throughout the day for now.  Part of me feels like I should be working harder for him to get it, but another part of me feels like stressing him out about it is unnecessary when we have digital clocks he can use until he gets it.  He will understand eventually and he doesn't have to take any tests on the subject, so why stress?

    3)  DS2 did such a good job with writing his name this week.  His writing is getting much more legible. 

    4)  Mornings are when we do most of our table work in math and phonics.  We usually start between 8:30 and 9:00 and end around 10:30 - 11:00.  After that we read some books together on whatever our unit study is about.  Later in the afternoon we focus on character training, life skills, home ec stuff, handicrafts, phys ed, nature studies or anything else from "real life" that we can turn into a lesson.  Sometimes when DH gets home from work the kids will get another lesson about whatever comes up during their interactions, usually Bible or science-related.  I'm cherishing the fact that our table work takes so little time during this season of our lives.  I have a feeling two hours won't cut it in the future!

    5)  We're hoping to go to the zoo in a few weeks, before it gets too chilly.  We'll probably also make a trip to a farm to look at the farm animals since we start a series of unit studies about them later in the month.  This year we are going to focus on giving for Halloween, so my kids are going to make a bunch of necklaces and other gifts that we will hand out on Halloween. 
  • Our week was a bit different... I had ds on Thursday!! 

    The girls went with mil, who brought them to work with her. She is an activity director for a day out program for special needs adults. So they spent three days doing crafts, baking. puzzles, learning about others, ect. A pretty successful school week if you ask me!

    Birth story is in the link in my siggy if you're interested. 

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