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Good news!

Well it only took 4 days of calling, leaving voicemails and screaming at people to get a phone call back, (Not my doctors office, the people that do them) BUT I finally have my (second) appointment in the books for the SIS to be done!! Thank the LORD! We go in Friday, I'll do a blood HCG test, and then the procedure will start at 1. I asked what exactly the SIS was, and she said its similar to the HSG, but instead of checking my tubes and using a dye... They will just be using saline, and only focusing on my uterus. She said my tubes don't appear to be "blocked", because I am able to get pregnant ... Just not sustain a viable pregnancy and make it to term. She mentioned that it "could" be something we will do in the future, but for right now it didn't seem necessary. So hopefully they don't screw this entire appointment up for a SECOND time, and everything goes well!! I made the scheduling lady repeat the day of my cycle to me, and what day of my cycle I would be on Friday like 20 times! lol, No excuses this time, biiiiotch! :-)

Second portion of the "good news", My husbands command is letting him come home Thursday, and giving him Friday off without making him take a personal day!!! So he will be able to be there with me on Friday!! :-) I couldn't be happier about that!! I was not looking forward to facing this by myself. I truly love that my husband works with such amazing people. They know the situation and have been incredible to us...When we lost the baby, they even offered to assign a Marine to us to take our DD to and from school, and the Chief warrant officer personally delivered a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and the sweetest card from all of Alpha company.  Of course all I could say through my sobs at that point was "Omg, my house is a mess" Anyway, im just so fortunate and grateful at how understanding they are. :')

So that's about all of my good news for now!! Its about time something went our way for a change!  :-) Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!!!

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Re: Good news!

  • That is amazing news! I am so happy everything worked out with your H AND your appt! Hopefully everything will be just fine with your SIS! 

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  • That is very good news!  Hopefully they've got their act together now and will be able to give you some answers.  Let us know how everything goes!

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  • Good News!  Ok where I am at they call that a Hysteroscopy  (HYST) or a Sonohysterogram (SHG). I was told to take ibuprofen (600-800mg) an hour before.  It felt a bit like a pap, except they put the saline up there.  Just remember it has to come back out.  My office gave me a pad to use, but in case yours doesn't take one.  I do believe you can't use a tampon for a few days.  If I remember correctly.  Oh and the chair they put me was awkward. They are going to check to see if you have anything in your uterus. 

    And yay for your husband! Sounds like a great support system there.  Wow!!


  • Thank you ladies!

    And thank you for the 411 @freakyfast that is good to know! I'll bring extra pads just in case! lol...Yes, his command is just wonderful... I cant thank them enough for the generosity they have shown us <3  

  • That is great news! Hoping all goes well!

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  • Glad you're finally getting your test and the hubs will be there :) Best of luck!

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  • Yay! That is great news!!
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  • Great news! Good luck with everything!

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  • Fantastic news! I'm so glad it is all falling into place.
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