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Feel completely overwhelmed and like I'm failing at everything!

Ugh sorry I am just really having a down in the dumps moment over here!


My son refuses to eat anything I put in front of him. He only wants goldfish crackers and yogurt. And a banana and macaroni and cheese every once in a while. I have tried everything. I feel like he isn't getting enough nutrition even though he is a BIG kid and is way up there in percentages! I just feel like there's no way he's getting all he needs with such a limited diet!

Then with potty training...I feel like I'm so overwhelmed and don't know where to start or what to do. He turned two August 10 and we started a couple days after his birthday. We just sit on the potty several times a day and read potty books and I give him a treat for sitting there. He's gone pee pee twice so far. Is that what I'm supposed to be doing? I'm clueless!! I've heard about this three day potty training method...has anyone tried that?

I guess I am just feeling very overwhelmed...I just feel like everything I try to do for him or make him do that I know is healthy for him he fights me on it. I feel like I'm fighting a battle with my toddler every day over everything. I love him SO MUCH but I am just getting so worn out.


Any encouragement or advice would be so great...I need someone to tell me things will eventually get a little easier!

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Re: Feel completely overwhelmed and like I'm failing at everything!

  • Sorry you are having a tough time! I just figure when my kids are hungry enough they will finally eat! Everything I've read or understood was that they won't starve themselves, so that's my thought process too. As far as the potty training why don't you just wait til he shows more interest? That's what I plan on doing otherwise you might just be wasting your time...I know that doesn't help much but I would just pick my battles and if he's not ready just wait. Hes not going to go to kindergarten in a diaper. :)
  • The eating thing is tough, but honestly I would just keep offering what you want him to eat along with something you know he likes (the yogurt, a banana). DS is a picky eater so I always give him what we are eating but include at least one thing I know he likes (like applesauce). Sometimes he still chooses to reject it but he is getting better about trying more as he gets older. Right around 2 was a really tough time.

    PTing didn't happen until 2.5 for us when he was really ready. We went straight to underwear. If you Google 3 Day Potty Training method there is a PDF file you can read. Bits and pieces of it worked for us. DS didn't respond well to a timer or being put on the potty because he's stubborn. He had to have a few accidents before he started making the connection that when he felt it coming, he had to go to the potty. I let him take the lead and it went more smoothly than when I tried to make him sit every 30 minutes or so.
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  • I'm not expert but my two pieces of advice are -
    Pick your battles
    And think about how little control your toddler has in their life

    Really they are related. But for the first, offer healthy food with the occasional treat and he will eat what he needs to. Wait until he shows interest in potty training. pretty much everything just lay down the boundaries that matter and then just live with what happens.
    Which if you think about how frustrating it must be at times to feel like someone is always telling you what/when/how to do everything from your toddlers point of view, doesn't seem crazy
  • I agree with the others to pick your battles. Age 2 is not an automatic timer for potty training. We are not even close with DS. The daycare starts when they enter the 2 year room by asking them f they want to sit on the potty and if they do then ok but if they say no that's fine too. I was worried DS was the only one not trying yet so I asked the teacher and she chuckled and said none of the boys are and about half the girls are ... He's the youngest in the class too. She said boys usually take more interest around 2 1/2. DS as always been a good eater but has been a little picky lately. Our pedi said to give him what we eat knowing he'll eat at least 1 thing and when he gets hungry he'll eat. So since I'm not a short order cook that's what we do. I always make sloppy joes once a week because I know he will eat like 3, lol.
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  • The average age for a boy to potty train in the US is 39 months according to this month's Parent Magazine, so seriously no need to push at age 2.0 unless you really want to.

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  • He'll eat if he's hungry but to make sure he's not being deprived nutritionally, give him a daily vitamin and pick up some PediaSure.  My son turned three in May and isn't potty trained.  Sure, you could try the 3 day method and it may work but if he's not showing interest, you may be making this harder on yourself than anything and may want to back off and try again in a few months.
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  • I started introducing the potty at 2 but didn't click till 2.5. I did bits and pieces of the 3 day pt. DS wanted stuff to be on his terms.
    As far as eating I dont fix separate meals for him unless we have something spicy. However he always wants ranch or ketchup with EVERYTHING!!! I dont care as long as he's eating. I know he will eat once he's hungry enough. Ill leave it on the table and he will go over and eat it once he gets hungry enough.
    Good luck!
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  • My kid will be 3 in nov and we are just now working on PT. I think you rushed that.

    My approach to food us "this is what is for dinner". He has 3-5 things to choose from. If he says no I want goldfish I say well this is what's for dinner. If he chooses to not eat I will wrap his plate up and if he wants a snack later I bring the plate out again.

    Since doing this we rarely have issues with eating. I'm also not above bribery. You can have goldfish after you eat all the green beans and 3 bites of fish.

    Good luck!
  • My son just turned 3 and we've been working on PT for a few months. Slowly just let him decorate and get to know potty, rewarded for sitting on it and them went crazy happy when he peed. He has to be told every 1.5-2 hrs to go or he goes in his pants. But we don't stress. My daughter was well into 4 before she fully trained (bad mommy!). He also will only way the same two or three foods. Apples, strawberries, chicken breast, honey nut Cheerios (sorta healthy), and tomatoes are the only healthy thing he consistently eats. Otherwise, it's goldfish, peanut butter crackers, cookies, cheez its, and stuff that I feel are too junky for him to rely on. But I try to offer at least one healthy thing. I read the tips on giving kids tofu and hummus and I feel like a bad mama cause mine doesn't eat it. But, it's too much work to be perfect mom. Do what you can a decide what's really important for you and you LO. Your LO is still quite young and will get it. I tell myself my son won't be 18 and in diapers still. If he is we have other problems. You obviously are a super caring mom if you are on here looking for tips and feedback. I used to feel like a failure with DD, but I learned to relax with DS. We've all been there!
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