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What books is your 3 year old into?  DD is 3.5 and right now we're in a Curious George and Dr. Seuss phase.  She also loves the If You Give a _____ a ____ books.  She tends to get into the same type of book and will only read those for a while, but I'm hoping to branch out a little.  Plus, I'm kind of tired of reading the same stuff every night. :)

Re: book suggestions

  • DD loves the Llama, Llama series and Mo Williems' Pigeon series. Other favorites are The Kissing Hand and the Beatrix Potter books.
  • MO Willems elephant and piggy series. The jellybeans series by if you give a blank a blank lady.

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  • Berenstain Bears are big in our house along with Franklin and Friends books. Curious George remains king in our house, i think we have every book.
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  • DD is another Mo Willems fan.  She loves the piggy and elephant series as well as the pigeon series.  I have never seen her so involved in a book as she is with his books.  She also likes the Bear series (Bear snores on, Bear wants more, Bear feels scared...) 
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  • Frog & Toad
    Fancy Nancy
    Berenstain Bears, but I much prefer the old classic ones to the newer stories. The kids like the new ones, but they are often kind of plodding and wordy for me.
    Classics--The Little House, Flicka Ricka & Dicka, Little Bear, etc. 
    Good Night, Good Night Construction Site
    Richard Scarry Books
    Margaret Wise Brown books, still--Runaway Bunny, Big Red Barn
    Bunny books by Lisa McCue (Quiet Bunny, etc)
    Maisy Mouse
    Random other books
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  • DS also likes anything Mo Willems especially the Piggie and Elephant books. Curious George is still popular but he really really loves the Franklin and Friends books and I really like them as well, I feel like each teaches a really good lesson.
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