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Baby 1 vs 2

After having 2 girls, I am sometimes asked what is different.  The biggest answer is 'Me'.  For the first one, I had more free time, and would comb the boards and read the books on what to (and not to do).  We even had a baby moon before our first one was born.  The second one was a lot less stress.  We didn't make people wash their hands before holding her (a couple days after we left the hospital).  We took fewer (all-be-it, better) photos the second time around.  Although there was magic the first time we noticed she could hold her head up on her was not to the same degree. 

I was always under the impression that having a second child would be a little less than double the work.  I was very wrong.  I waaaay more than doubled.  Besides meeting the needs of baby #1 and #2, there was a balancing act for attention.  Sometimes you could find ways to have both girls play together...but with how small #2 was...that can be tricky.  They almost never have the same sleep schedule, so that nap you used to be able to take with just #1 is gone.

There was also a fear of 'how could I love another child as much as I love this one' (or would that cause me to love #1 less?).  The answer is that doesn't happen.  I love #1 and #2 to pieces.  I may get frustrated with each for different reasons (at the same or different times), but the longer I am around each...the I love them. (music note)I love you more today than yesterday...but not as much as tomorrow (music note)
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