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Circumcision still common?

I recently heard on the news that Washington has one of the lowest rate of circumcision in the country.  This really surprised me.  I am curious, how many of you had your ds (or will have your ds) circumcised?  In your experience how common is it in Washington?  We are expecting a son and are wondering what others did/have done.

Re: Circumcision still common?

  • We chose not to circumcise.  We know five other baby boys born in the last year and none of them were circumcised, either. I have heard the circ rate in WA is about 30 percent these days.
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  • This is a very personal decision and some people can get really heated about it being on one side or the other. 

    We did not circumcise our son. All my life I only knew of boys being circumcised but when I met my husband I found out he was not, nor his younger brother. His older brother (with a different dad) is. I spoke a lot to my MIL about it since she went both ways with her decision. I also did my own research and was relatively neutral. I ended up leaving the decision up to my H and he felt that it was an unnecessary procedure. My only requirement of my H was that he teach Carter how to properly care for himself and as he grows up put an emphasis on his hygiene.
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  • ckmommy said:
    This is a very personal decision and some people can get really heated about it being on one side or the other. 

    Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I realize this is a very personal decision.  I am not trying to start a debate since I know this can be a sensitive topic, I am only curious as to what others are doing.
  • This decision is more up to my DH. I have a daughter from a previous relationship, but before we knew we were having a girl the argument between my mom and daughters father about circumcision was intense. He not being circumcised was against it. Glad we had a girl. This time around before we found out we were having a boy, my DH said there was no question about it that our son would be circumcised. 

    The argument I had with my mom about it was pretty intense because her opinion was so strong and there was no way I would allow her opinion be a factor in the choice my DH made about our child. I really don't have a preference, all I know is I wont be able to see my baby in that pain so my DH will be there and Ill wait in the hall or waiting room. 

  • Your choice. Our decision mostly came from my husband who was. I find that the decision is coming mostly from the preference of the parents and less influence by others. Its like the topic of breast feeding - people will have an opinion no matter your choice. Good luck.
  • We did some research and it didn't seem to be something that was that great of a benefit... As a Christian I figured there was a solid biblical reason for it, but it seemed like more of a "setting the Jews apart" position in the Bible rather than a health benefit. I could be wrong. We had the appointment set to get our son circumcised but a few days before when the lab had to draw blood from his heel, both he and I were sobbing uncontrollably. I quickly realized I would not be able to handle seeing him in that much pain and cancelled the appointment. (not just for me, but because we were so on the fence before.)
  • I don't like the idea of circumcision in general, and think it does more harm than good. I wouldn't necessarily want my DS circumcised, if I have one. 

    But... my husband IS circumcised, and he won't even discuss the possibility that his son not "look the same" down there. Like opting not to circumcise our son would be an insult to his own man junk. On this, he's MUCH more passionate than I am, so he wins it. If we have a son he'll be circumcised. I know better than to even try to fight it...


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  • I could have gone either way with circumcision - seems unnecessary to me.  BUT DH feels very strongly about it.  He had to be circumcised as a teenager (for health reasons) and is anxious that his sons avoid that.  So, our 2 DS's are circumcised, and #3, due in Dec, will be, too. 

    For me, the worst part is that DS#2 seems not to have "taken", and I'm afraid he'll have to be done again.  We'll see what his dr. says - DS#2 is 3.

    Obviously, for us, DH wins this decision.  And I'm ok with that.
  • The rate nationwide is in the decline, by the time our kids are in school circ. will e the minority...
    We decided that only if it was a medical necessity would we do it... Turned out our guy was born with hypospadius, so it was medically necessary, but any future boys we have will be in the same boat...

    It is cery personal, but i urge you to do some research, this is permanent, an cant be taken back... :) good luck

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  • My first born was not circumcised due to financial reasons at first but then I began to do research and found it was the best thing to ever happen. My son has never has a single issue. He is almost 3 now.. It also helped that his doctor had a child himself that was not circumcised.  So he explained to never ever pull back the skin and to be careful of soap products with fragrances.
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