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Anyone use New York Presbytarian / Cornell Weill? Also, Anyone use Dobrenis as their OB?

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Hi Everyone

This is my first time preggers! Got my BFP about a week and a half ago! I am very very excited -- but a little overwhelmed navigating the NYC maze with babies.  I have a GYN that is no longer an OB so I needed to procure an OB... that was a little complicated but an answer to prayers i got in with Dr. Dobrenis.  She seems to be great and comes highly reccomended -- but I was wondering if anyone could share first-hand their impressions of her.

Also she has privileges at Cornell Weill which I have NO idea about their maternity care other than their website - so anyone here have any experience there?  Any tips? Things to ask about or look out for?  If anyone who gave birth there could comment I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance :) 

Re: Anyone use New York Presbytarian / Cornell Weill? Also, Anyone use Dobrenis as their OB?

  • I don't have any experience with that doctor but I delivered my baby via c-section at Cornell in January 2012.  It was a wonderful experience - great nurses who care for both you and the baby, immaculate and most importantly a great facility in the event there were any issues or you needed a high risk facility.

    I can't speak of the semi-private rooms b/c I had a private room the first night and a suite the remainder of my stay.  To me it was worth every penny as I did not want to share a room under any circumstance.  Also, my husband was able to stay with me every night and the baby was with us the entire time.

    I don't believe they do hospital tours anymore but you can ask.

    If you want more info or have any specific questions feel free to PM me.

    Good luck!

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  • Thank you so much for responding DLo13!  I really appreciate the time you took to post! I despaired of hearing from anyone!   They no longer offer any type of a tour and I asked about the private room and it will be an additional $750 (DH is astounded by the pricetag of everything).  We could put it on FSA if it comes to that point.   I really want a private room! 

    Thank you so much! If I have any other questions as I get further along into the process I will be sure to PM you! Again thank you for writing your review!
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  • You're welcome!  This is a horribly slow board and most people never even get a response to their post....its really too bad.

    Yes, please feel free to PM me for any questions or details.  Good luck with anything.

    Yeah, I know the price seems crazy but think about how many times you'll be in the hospital having a baby!  Believe me you don't want a roommate with their ton of guests, food smells, etc.  Its your first days bonding with your baby - if you an swing it, do it!
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